Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Trends: The SFP LookBook

The world of fashion is always one step ahead- presenting spring collections in the fall and fall collections in the spring. I know I have a list of favorite shows that I watch each Fashion Week, and that list seems to get longer each year. With that said, it can be easy to forget what the trends are for each season by the time the collections are in store.

The SFP LookBook is the perfect tool whether you're a die hard fashionista, stylist, or just love the world of fashion. This style guide features over 2,500 looks from the FW 13' collections presented at New York Fashion Week. I love that all the pages are in full color, making it easy to identify key colors for the season.

The looks include the designs for both men's and women's wear, making the publication universal. Designers include Diane Von Furstenberg, Naeem Khan, and Michael Kors to name a few. 

The FW '13 collection edition pictured here is the inaugural volume, so I cannot wait to the compilations of future seasons. I currently have the book placed on the coffee table for easy reference. It has become quite the conversation piece when guests come over-fashion is a universal language. As you prepare to update your closet and transition into Fall 2013, I recommend the SFP Lookbook as your ultimate style guide.

This post was made possible by Schiffer Publishing. All opinions are my own.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Diesel Celebrates New Home Collection in SoHo

Diesel, the Italian brand we know for their denim and provoking ads, actually has a home line as well. On Wednesday night, Diesel celebrated the debut of its newest home collection at 3 high-end furniture stores in SoHo- Foscarini, Scavolini, and Moroso. We were invited to celebrate the launch at all 3 locations. In fact, if you made it to all three within a certain time, guests were entered into a drawing to win a prize from Diesel- pretty cool!

I was only able to make it to one stop, Moroso. This high-end Italian furniture store on Greene Street was filled with very stylish guests previewing the new collection. I was very impressed with the designs I saw on the floor. It was what one would expect from an Italian designer: sleek, modern, and sophisticated.

I imagine the pieces fitting perfectly into a trendy TriBeCa loft or Soho apartment. The pieces at Moroso were mainly chairs, sofas, and beds. The Diesel collection does include lamps and small accessories which were on display at other locations. 

Diesel's motto is "Successful Living" I would say that, this is pretty successful living!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Accessory: Aviators by Randolph

When it comes to accessories, sunglasses are one of my absolute favorite. I could buy a new pair every day, and I feel they can really add a finishing touch to an entire look. Furthermore, I find nothing quite as chic as a cool weather ensemble, wether chunky cardigan or coat, finished with an amazing pair of sunglasses. That being said, sunglasses are the perfect fall accessory. I personally love the aviator style with its roots to preppy style. 

I was recently exposed to Randolph Engineeringm known for their handcrafted eyewear, and the launch of their new Aviator II based on classic style. I always love discovering new brands and Randolph is no exception. The brand has been manufacturing sunglasses in the US sine 1972. They stand by there quality by offering a lifetime warranty on solder joints, and have eve been supplying eyewear to the military for over 30 years- a true statement of quality. 

The new Aviator II model is rebirth of the classic aviator style. Currently it is offered in a 23K gold plating with tortoise accent pieces.

I was highly impressed with the quality of these sunglasses. When I picked them up, I could feel the difference in weight compared to other designer glasses I own, and trust me, I own a lot! As mentioned above, they are made in the US and the joint are covered by a lifetime warranty. 

So why do I love these aviators for fall? I think the 23K gold plating goes perfectly with many fall colors. Below, I've paired them with a fall essential, a navy cashmere cable knit sweater:

I love the gold next to the navy. They would even look great with my military shirt inspired look. The gold would look great next to dark maroons, olives, and browns-all fall essentials. You can purchase the newly released Randolph Aviator II's on their website.

Note: This post was made possible by Randolph Engineer. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Fashion: The Military Shirt

Sometimes it is the small details that can make an outfit, even if it is just epaulettes on the shoulders. The military shirt is one of my favorite styles that many designers have been executing season after season. I think the extra buttons, pockets, and epaulettes really add interest to what otherwise would be a plain button down. 

For fall, select a color palette of darker hues. Navy is one of my personal favorites for the new season. Below, I have created a great outfit based around the classic military shirt:

I paired the dark navy with a lighter bottom for contrast. Tan denim is one of my go-to's for the fall- every fall color pairs well with them from dark purple to orange. I specifically love this pair from Ralph Lauren Black Label because of the detailing on the pocket. A red leather belt adds a pop of color. 

We are in that stage of weather where a sweater is necessary in the morning and evening, so I always have one in my bag. For accessories, I tied everything back to the color of the shirt. Navy drivers on the bottom, on orange cable knit with a Navy pony logo, and bracelets in orange and navy by Kiel James Patrick and Ralph Lauren. I love when everything in an outfit matches back to one piece. 

Are you loving the military shirt this fall?

Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren
Denim: Ralph Lauren Black Label
Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Ralph Lauren Collection
Belt: Ralph Lauren Collection
Accessories: Kiel James Patrick, Ralph Lauren

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hannah Bronfman Host 7 For All Mankind x Malhia Kent Launch

Thursday night 7 For All Mankind in SoHo hosted a party to celebrate their newest collaboration with the Malhia Kent mill. The party was hosted by DJ and entrepreneur, Hannah Bronfman. Other guests in attendance included the CEO of 7FAM and industry experts. I was in attendance to experience the new collection first-hand

Malhia Kent is known for its luxury fabrics and has produced textiles for brands such as Chanel, YSL, and Proenza Schouler. This collaboration has resulted in some amazing "couture" denim for the fall season. The collection was filled with prints and textures in the fabric. One of my favorite pieces was a black blazer with a gold, intricate lace design. Bronfman was wearing the skinny jean in Egyptian gold jacquard at the event- they looked great!

The evening consisted of shopping and sipping on champagne. Guests enjoyed a live DJ and great gifts with purchases. You can view other pieces from the Malhia Kent collection online at 7FAM.

Images: 7 for All Mankind, my own

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Essential: The Ribbon Loafer

Loafers are the perfect shoe any time of the year, however, fall is perhaps the best season to dust your loafers off. There are many different styles of loafers from pebble leather to tassled. Here, I am putting on of my favorite styles in the spotlight: the ribbon loafer. 

The color choices are endless when it comes to ribbons. The style can be found at many designers including Gucci and Ferragamo, but the style is classic Ralph Lauren. Dark brown leather makes the perfect compliment to the hues found in fall sweaters. 

For me, the ribbon elevates the preppy style of the loafer. I have a pair that I have been waiting to unveil with the perfect outfit this fall. Here, I have paired them with a navy chino. Coordinate an aspect of your outfit with a color found in the ribbon for a very pulled together look. Completing the look with a cable knit sweater will result in the perfectly preppy fall outfit whether on campus or strolling around the city. 

Are loafers a go to style for you as we enter the fall season?

Featured Loafer by Ralph Lauren

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweater Season

I think many of us are excited that sweater weather is finally upon us. It is welcomed with pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks and riding boots as well. I must admit, I love a good sweater so I am quite happy. 

While it still is officially summer for another few days, there is a fall chill in the air in the morning and evening, so I have been opting for lighter weight sweaters. Right now is the perfect time for cottons as well as silk blends. They provide just the right amount of warmth to cut the brisk morning air on the walk to class. 

Keeping with my preppy aesthetic, I love cable knit sweaters. I even wore them all summer, and cannot wait to get out the cashmere again. One of my favorite cable knit looks is the varsity or cricket sweater look. I also feel like its a perfect look for those of us walking around campus. Nothing says "Ivy League look" more than a cricket sweater in my opinion. 

Here, I paired a winter white sweater with a casual pair of khaki colored denim. A polo is placed underneath so that when it gets warmer during the afternoon, the sweater can come off and go over the shoulders. 

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Denim: RRL

What is your favorite sweater look for the fall season?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Maison Martin Margiela and Converse Collaborate

Converse have made a huge comeback in the fashion world. I spot them all over the streets of New York, with people pairing them quite creatively with different types of outfits. 
Maison Martin Margiela has teamed up with Converse to bring his boundary pushing aesthetic to the brand. 

"The Maison has always been obsessed with white; it is used as a layer to give an incognito feeling. A sort of poetry, with the passage of time, the shoe asserts itself," says Maison Martin Margiela. 

Margiela brings an element of time to his design. The shoe is actually covered in a coat of white paint from top to bottom that, with the passage of time, wears off to reveal the true color of the shoe. The sneakers are limited edition and retail for $200.

The team at Unlimited Magazine, known for their digital content, created an interactive feature to experience what the shoes will be like, asking readers to "Scratch" off the paint. 
It is quite cool and I recommend checking it out:

The style will be available in red, black, navy, and an Margiela-exclusive vintage yellow.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Work Space

Readers asked me "where do you get all of your work done?" I thought it I would share my small corner where I sit down, crank out papers or blog posts, as well as just browse the internet. For me, I really get work done in two places- the library and at home. I tend to lean more towards the library, however, I set up a desk at home conducive to long hours of studying. 

For me, a workspace is all about making it personal because is there really anything that exciting about doing finance problems at a desk for hours on end? I didn't think so either. My desk holds all the essentials- computer, printer, supplies, but has little personal touches all around. 

My Jonathan Adler pencil holders are filled with Muji pens, a personal favorite. If you have not tried them I highly recommend. Additionally, we all know my love of champagne. I placed a bottle of Moet on my desk from a memorable night. When I get frustrated with all my work, its nice to glance at something associated with good memories. 

The wall behind my desk is decorated with hints of Paris, another one of my favorite things. Perhaps I find myself daydreaming of Paris a little too often!

And you can be sure to find me, Muji pen in hand and Iced Nespresso in the other, jotting down quotes on the myriad of sticky notes around my desk.

Where do you get most of your work done?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Daniel Wellington: A Watch That Changes With the Season

Yesterday, I wrote about outfits as we begin to transition into fall, and looking for those perfect pieces that help us to do so. Clothes do not have to be the only thing that change from season to season. As a lover of timepieces, I loved the collection presented by Daniel Wellington watches with their versatility to change out straps and alter the look of the watch from season to season. 

Daniel Wellington is becoming a very popular Swedish watch brand. I personally love the minimalist, refined aesthetic of the timepieces. The faces of pieces really have a simple, classic appeal reminiscent of a timepiece from your father's collection. Not to mention, for me, the colored nylon straps have a very preppy feel. I can seem the paired perfectly with plaid and flannel button downs as we move into fall and then winter. 

The nato straps that are so important to the watches actually originate from the British navy. Divers would utilize strong nylon straps over their wetsuits to avoid rust. Today, they offer high versatility. Watches are available in either 40mm or 36mm case diameters so both men and women can get in on the fun of changing out their timepiece. 

For fall, I love the idea of a classic navy based strap that would pair great next to rich, brown sweaters and cardigans. A red strap may be the perfect compliment as we move towards the holidays. What are your thoughts- do you change out your accessories with the seasons as well?

Photos: The Barbarian Agency

Monday, September 9, 2013

Transitioning to Fall

The first hints that fall are just around the corner are in the air- shorter days and cool mornings. Soon we will see the leaves changing and the coats coming out of our closets. Transitioning from summer to fall is one of my favorite times for dressing. I love being able to wear just a sweater or even a light jacket. 

Yesterday was a bit cooler here in the city. I had a brunch to attend at the Plaza, and when looking through my closet for an outfit, I knew I wanted something refined, and simple. Since it was slightly cool in the morning, it was the perfect chance to wear a "transition piece" to brunch. 

Transition pieces for me are lightweight sweaters, jackets, or vests. They are items that can be used to begin to build light layers as layers are crucial for fall wardrobing. I opted for the Ralph Lauren Purple Label sweater shown above. The sweater is crafter in ultra lightweight merino wool, perfect for low 70's/upper 60's weather. 

I paired the sweater with classic, navy chinos to create some contrast with the bright green of the sweater. Completed with accessories such as an Hermes belt and bracelets and simple brown loafers, the outfit was dressy enough yet casual for a Sunday brunch at the Plaza. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Esquire Trunk Club Collection

Esquire Magazine and Trunk Club have launched a collaboration for key items for fall and beyond. Trunk Club is a high-end personalized shopping service designed for the busy man. Each new member is pared with his own personal stylist who picks clothing based on the member's preferences and lifestyle. You can sign up online at Trunk Club.

The collaboration features a limited edition trunk of 7 essential items for fall curated by Esquire's editors. The selection includes brands such as AG Jeans, Billy Reid, Bespoken, Barbour, Gant Rugger, L.B.M. 1911, and Vince. Below are the featured items:

I love the editors' selection as many of my favorite brands are included in the curation. I own pieces from the majority of these designers and the quality is excellent. Additionally, these pieces are both wear now and wear later in the season as we get closer to winter. Esquire fashion director Nick Sullivan said, "We worked hand-in-hand with the team at Trunk Club to select quintessential pieces for fall and beyond." I could not agree more- classic styles such as plaids and shawl collars are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Additionally, pieces such as the Barbour vest are great for layering and for being used as transition pieces. 

What do you think of the curation? It is definitely representative of my style and pieces I love!

Photos: Allen Cooper Enterprises

Thursday, September 5, 2013

End of Summer in the Hamptons

The Hamptons is the perfect place to celebrate the last rays of summer and is the go-to spot to do so for many Mahattanites. I went to East Hampton for one last summer moment over Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately the weather wasn't ideal- cloudy yet very humid. However, that made for even more reasons to shop the stores of East Hampton such as Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, and Blue & Cream. 

Now, its back to reality and the bustle of the city as we embark on fall. How did you celebrate Labor Day?

P.S.-You can read more about my European excursion to destinations like Croatia and Milan at Skimbaco Lifestyle.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cote d'Azur

The Cote d'Azur was my favorite travel destination on my recent excursion to Europe. In the month of August, the south of France begins the destination for chic French and Americans as well. Since most French get the entire month of August off from work, I found there to be more natives than Americans which I thought was great!

I selected Nice as the town to stay since it has the airport and lots to do. There are TONS of small towns and villages on the Cote d'Azur, and each one is equally amazing and beautiful. Nice offers an airport, public and private beaches (which are stone), a promenade, and port. 

Why is the Cote d'Azur my favorite place? As you can see from the images, it looks like a postcard everywhere you look almost everyday. The water is truly a deep azur blue. Additionally, as someone who speaks French, it is always great to get to use and practice the language. It makes restaurant and travel experiences much more enjoyable and less stressful!

It is very easy to get from Nice to neighboring towns such as Antibes, Cannes, Villefranche, and Monaco. I took the train to Villefranche (2 minute ride from the nearest Nice station) and to Monaco (17 minute ride). The trip to Monaco was only about $6 roundtrip.  My favorite town was Villefranche. It was absolutely incredible with its famous "Citadelle" overlooking the bay filled with swimmers and yachts. The town itself is beautiful with narrow stone streets and pastel colored houses.

I choose to stay in an apartment rented from the owner rather than a hotel. In Nice, this is definitely a less expensive option as hotels can be quite expensive, but I also feel like it provides for a more authentic travel experience. Ours was quite authentic as we got to deal with native Francophones who owned the apartment- French came in handy once again! Our place was right near the port of Nice and the Vielle Ville which was great. If you are traveling to Europe I definitely recommend apartments before looking at hotels!

Have you been to the South of France? What was your favorite town? There are a few on my list that I didn't get to go to so that will have to be saved for the next trip!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sharp Lines and Clean Aesthetics for Fall

It is hard to believe that summer is (unofficially over). It seems like not long ago we were all writing about our favorite summer pieces and colors. As we transition seasons, it is time to transition our wardrobes as well. For me, summer dressing is all about classic preppy styles- bright colors and patterns. For fall, I begin to mix contemporary with preppy, opting for darker colors and a more refined silhouette. 

Kai-aakmann, designer by Korean designer Soonjin Pak, offers an Autumn/Winter '13 collection that is perfect for the urban man with minimalistic silhouettes and sharp, assertive lines. For the fall collection, the brand is focusing on military tradition and incorporating a vintage American feel into its usually urban aesthetic. Elements such as quilting and color-blocking have been incorporated into many pieces in the new collection.

For the key colors of his A/W '13 collection, Pak selected orange, coral blue, grapefruit red, and mustard. I am loving the more relaxed, slouchy silhouette of some of the pieces. I think Kai-aakmann will offer some key pieces for men looking for a fashion forward way to enhance their fall wardrobe. 

I am loving the double breasted and shawl collar cardigans as well as the slim silhouette on the trousers. What are your favorite looks?

Photos: Barbarian Agency

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