Friday, September 27, 2013

Diesel Celebrates New Home Collection in SoHo

Diesel, the Italian brand we know for their denim and provoking ads, actually has a home line as well. On Wednesday night, Diesel celebrated the debut of its newest home collection at 3 high-end furniture stores in SoHo- Foscarini, Scavolini, and Moroso. We were invited to celebrate the launch at all 3 locations. In fact, if you made it to all three within a certain time, guests were entered into a drawing to win a prize from Diesel- pretty cool!

I was only able to make it to one stop, Moroso. This high-end Italian furniture store on Greene Street was filled with very stylish guests previewing the new collection. I was very impressed with the designs I saw on the floor. It was what one would expect from an Italian designer: sleek, modern, and sophisticated.

I imagine the pieces fitting perfectly into a trendy TriBeCa loft or Soho apartment. The pieces at Moroso were mainly chairs, sofas, and beds. The Diesel collection does include lamps and small accessories which were on display at other locations. 

Diesel's motto is "Successful Living" I would say that, this is pretty successful living!


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