Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merci Pour Les Souvenirs

It's my last weekend in the city for a little bit, so i thought I'd say "thanks for the memories" (i need to start brushing up on my french for next semester! haha)

meeting Brad Goreski!

Dennis Basso

Sonja Morgan

Halloween- "Blackberry is on another level"

courtesy of SoulCycle (Tom and Katie Cruise were in my most recent class!)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What in the World is a Prep Anyway??

The other day I was reminded of the fact that most people do not know what a preppy person really is. I hate to break it to all those people that believe Hollister and Abercrombie are "preppy"....but they just aren't. I think they are just borderline tacky to be honest (anyone else's opinion on this??)

The Oxford English Dictionary Defines "Preppy" as the following:

adj. of clothes, appearance, ect. :typical of or associated with students at prestigious [prep] schools; neat, classic, smart.
displaying the attitudes, style, or behavior of a conservative, wealthy social set.

I believe this definition makes the point that "preppy" is actually a lifestyle.

If I had to describe the preppy lifestyle briefly, I would say the following:

We enjoy looking put together, sophisticated, and conveying ourself in intelligent ways. Education is an important part of our lives..after all, aren't those prestigious colleges we go to where we meet our feature spouses ect.??

Yes, we tend to be conservative, but conservative is classic and refined. We tend to be religious, and family is very important. A good evening consists of good food, family, friends, and laughing.....sorry but "clubbing" is just a little tacky for us- go ahead, call us losers for that.

The family pet is a very important part of the family. He takes trips with you wherever you go, whether that be the mall, the boat, or the shore. After all, it is a family vacation.

Our closets are filled with the following:

  • polos
  • khakis
  • blazers
  • paisley
  • plaid
  • cable knits
  • v-necks
  • Sperry's

A couple terms you may need to know:
  • the club- no this isnt a hot night spot, its actually the country club- a place for nice lunches and dinners or a round of golf
  • down the shore- basically this is how you say youre going to the beach *edit* this may only pertain to those hailing from the Philadelphia area
  • "the uniform"- this consists of khakis, a button down, and a navy blazer. Complete with loafers or Sperry's
  • Sperry's- basically any dock shoe is a Sperry.
  • Riding- on a horse that is

Just  my opinion about some things preppy. What's part of your definition of preppy?

p.s.- for those of you interested in the button code, just contact me

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sample Sale Frenzy

This weekend was filled with sample of the great perks of New York. If you have a shopping problem like me, you just cant resist the deals. My favorite of the weekend was definitely Theory. I got a lot of great things.

One of my favorite things for fall/winter is cardigans and sweaters...especially chunky ones. Theory had an abundance of these which was great. I picked up the following.

The second one is going to be so incredibly warm...the picture does not do it justice! I was also thinking ahead to my future a little bit and picked up a new black suit with a subtle stripe.

Theory was also nice enough to throw in a complimentary dress shirt with every suit purchase. The deal started shortly after i got lucky! So i picked out this one to match my new suit.  I highly recommend their classic businesswear. Its so timeless and wont go out of style.
You wont believe what my next purchase was, but check here if you want a little background. But yes, i bought a winter coat. 

I dont have any other ones with this particular styling so i thought it would be a good addition. (The things i do to justify purchases). Plus, wont it be great for over my suit....thats what i was thinking.

The coat was purchased on trip two to the know you cant stop thinking about all that stuff sitting there with such good prices. They extended the end time until tuesday afternoon, so i think one more trip is in store to see if they mark the prices down anymore.

The sale surprisingly had a very calm atmosphere which is a bonus. Most things like this involve very crazy people going nuts over clothes-not the case here thank god!

I also checked out the Rag & Bone sale which was over at Chelsea Market. They had a lot of great options, but the prices were still a little high for a sample sale. When i go to a sample sale, i go in expecting great deals, but everything at Rag & Bone was at least $150 or higher. 

These sales will become my new obsession..which could be a problem! How did everyone else spend their weekend, besides trying to stay warm?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Its Christmas Time in the City"

Some friends and myself decided to officially make it the holiday season by visiting the department store windows, and who else to feature than the wonderful Bergdorf Goodman...always the best! Fortunately my pictures turned out great even though i have one of the worst cameras in the world. (SLR for christmas??)

Check out this behind the scenes video here to get a sense of what went into these masterpieces:

Bergorfs themself told me that the windows are worked on for about 6 months...i had the following mini conversation with them:

The following windows feature designer from Oscar de la Renta, Philip Lim, Iu Miu, and of course Alexander McQueen. Enjoy!

And the holiday season is not complete without the "Cartier Package" always one of my favorites

Anyone always do something "festive" around the holiday season??

Friday, December 3, 2010

Favorite Friday: SoulCycle

I want to share a little about a place that im currently obsessed with and is quite possibly my favorite place to go right now, and that is SoulCycle.

For those of you who don't know, SoulCycle is an indoor cycling facility that is taking New York by storm.  Started a few years go on the UWS, they now have locations in the UES, their flagship in TriBeca, the Hamptons, and a new location opening up on Union Square (that could be close!).

I started going about a month ago, and cant stop. The classes are 45 minutes long, and work every part of your body. Theres even a weights portion near the end of each me you'll be drenched by the end. The idea behind Soul is a workout that is effective yet relaxing at the same time, so the studio is light only by candle light during the class. The playlists are great and keep you moving for the duration of the class.

Rider at Soul are like a little community. Everyone is devoted to the class, and loves being there. I usually do a 5pm class on a Saturday, and see a lot of the same riders each Saturday. I was fortunate enough to spin right behind Kelly Ripa..awesome right?!

I recently discovered their Community thing..they're free! Its a great way to add an extra class to your schedule because you get a normally $32 class for NOTHING! They utilize these classes for new instructors, so its a great way to get to know them as they start at Soul. I will heading up to the UWS later today for one.

The studio is filled with woman carrying Goyard Bags....Lisa Birnbach would be proud. So if you ever get a chance to take a class at it! You will be obsessed like me. Who knows, you may be next to Chelsea Clinton or Anderson Cooper. All i have to say is, watch out Kelly, theres a new kid on the bike.

you can check them out for more details here Soul-Cycle

Anyone else have something they are currently obsessed with...please share!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Its Almost the Day After Tomorrow Outside

Its my first wordless wednesday....and its a very very very rainy day in the city which inspired the following:

Im getting into the holiday season, and think im ready for some snow....anyone else??

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