Tuesday, February 28, 2012

May you Walk on the Edge

Many find safety in going through life with the same daily routine. We seek comfort in what we know best. I, at least, speak from personal experience. I came across this image on pinterest. While it may be a few people walking on the bow of a sailboat, I looked at it as walking on the edge.
It was a reminder that, sometimes, it does us good to walk on the edge, outside our comfort zone. 
Its the moments when we are slightly uncomfortable that help to define who we are and help to continue to build our personal character.
At some moment this week, I hope you may take a walk on the edge.

Monday, February 27, 2012

5 Random Monday Thoughts

The calendars change to March this week. Lets go this show on the road and get to spring and summer already. Im very over this "winter."

  • Is it just me, or is almost everyone, myself included, in a really weird mood lately? Im not up on the planets being out of alignment and all that, but something is going on.
  • Did I mention im on a 3 week-ish spending freeze?...its making me miserable.
  • Im really like this French "morale": tout flatteur vit aux depends de celui qui l'ecoute. 
  • Only about 2 weeks until ill be on the west coast, hopefully enjoying warm weather!
  • Its only been about a month or so into this semester, but I've already reached the point of exhaustion and may be slightly checked out. No good.

In the meantime, I'll just keep trying to keep running forward. Its only Monday and I am already thinking about sleeping a little longer on sunday. Here we go.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Buckle Up

A belt can be plain and simple, or a belt can be interesting and really make an outfit. Sometimes they are essential for those ill fitting pants we just cant seem to get rid of, but I like to look at a belt as the opportunity to create an exceptional look. 
Take for example for staple belt in my wardrobe: the classic Hermes. If I simply put on a great pair of jeans, a black v-neck, and pair this belt my outfit is instantly elevated. I tend to gravitate towards styles with large, iconic buckles. 
So why not buckle up?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Evening at PH-D

With the past weekend being a long, holiday one, I figured it was necessary to take advantage of my extra day off and go out one night. I've raved about the Dream Hotel before, but I'm going to do it again. This has literally been the third week in a row that I've frequented this place...the people working there are going to start recognizing me!

On this visit, we decided to try the ultra exclusive rooftop lounge that everyone in town is talking about, PH-D. If you're familiar with the New York nightlife scene, then you know this is one of those places where you basically have to know someone, or you are forced to stand in a line/mob trying to get past the judgmental doormen. Luckily, we knew someone so we cut the crowd and headed right up.

Situated on the 12th floor of the hotel, the view from PH-D is nothing short of amazing. Since the hotel is on the westside of town, you have basically the entire Manhattan skyline to look at. The lounge's atmosphere screams classy and sophisticated with dimly lit chandeliers and dark couches. The cocktail list is impressive, but in all reality it is also horribly over priced. Im currently cringing at my receipts from that night!

The crowd is definitely a little older, but coming for the view and atmosphere alone are well worth it. Not to mention I havent seen that much fur and Louboutins in one place in a while.

Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Random Monday Thoughts

Happy Presidents day! This is the first time in a while that I can remember the weather being nice on Presidents day and semi warm. This weekend is notorious for big snowstorms on the East coast.

  • Im am so so happy for this extra long weekend. I have another day off tomorrow as well :). 12 hours of sleep was great.
  • Ive kind of started the countdown until spring break....already. Probably not a good thing
  • Im in a funk and need to get out of it asap.
  • I had fun this weekend at the ultra exclusive PH-D at the Dream hotel....may be more on that later!
  • 57 and 56 degree days this week?!! Such crazy weather

In my many hours spent clicking around the internet, I came across this image (i forget where) and thought it was something good to remember.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sophie Theallet AW 2012 Show

The up and coming designer Sophie Theallet presented her A/W 2012 collection at New York Fashion week on February 14. The show was hosted at Milk Studios in the meatpacking district. I was fortunate enough to be sitting in the second row, directly behind Lynn Yeager and people of the like.
Theallet's collection was a mix of prints with deep hughes and traditional neutrals. The entire collection had a bohemian vibe to it, or perhaps an upscale woman that went into the French country side. The models were decked out in color blocked Manolos, a trend that looks like its here for another season. 
After the show I went back stage to meet Theallet herself.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lunch With Alexandre Birman

Fashion week is sure keeping me busy. Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a sit down lunch with shoe designer Alexandre Birman. The event was hosted at the BG restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman. The restaurant was packed with New York's high society taking a lunch break, but we had our own smaller, semi private room in the back of the restaurant. Other attendees included top buyers, journalists, and magazine editors. Brad Goreski and Olivia Palermo were also in attendance.

Before we sat down, we mingled with champagne and looked at the collection on the display that was set up in the room. It was an excellent way to meet some very cool people!

The luncheon was to celebrate and preview the launch of Birman's S/S 2012 collection which was a mix of neutral and brightly colored pythons. On the menu was a salad, choice of entree, and a dessert plate for each table to share. I've frequented BG before so I knew the food was going to be good.

After we finished lunch, the event moved down to the famous second floor shoe salon where Alexandre mingled with us as well as shoppers. The shoe department definitely became the place to be, it was packed!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Moncler Grenoble Show

The first event I attended this year for fashion week was the Moncler Grenoble show. If you are a reader, you know my love for Moncler so I was beyond excited when I had the opportunity to attend the show.
This year the show was held at the picturesque Wollman Rink in Central Park. Situated just inside the park, Wollman Rink has a back drop of the Plaza Hotel and Essex House, both New York icons.

The show was a mix of fashion and entertainment. All the models were on ice skates and a live chorus coupled with a DJ provided the music. The collection was presented in color groupings. All white take the ice, followed by red, gray, and blue. Everyone came on to the ice at once for the finale with every model dropping to the ice at the end.
It was visual perfection.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dream Dowtown: Marble Lane

The ultra cool, ultra trendy Dream Downtown Hotel. Its one of the new "it" places to be in town. I recently went to the amazing steak join, Marble Lane, inside the hotel. Let me just start by saying that this was my favorite place I've been to here by far. 

We had reservations for 10pm so the night crowd was just beginning to come out so it was a lot of fun. The lighting was great, but the music was even better. The lobby DJ was playing some of the best songs, and even threw in a Robyn track. It was a mix between a night club, lounge, and restaurant- perfection in my eyes.

Needless to say, the food was amazing. We started off with a drink called the "wet dream". It was a mix of blueberry vodka and citrus flavors. Very good and quite strong i might add :).

For an appetizer, I did the tender bibb salad which consisted of bibb lettuce, maytab blue, and cherrywood bacon. A good starter.

For an entree, I went with the olive crusted salmon with flageolet beans and tomato in a fennel broth. It was excellent.

Finally, dessert consisted of pumpkin cheesecake. I hadnt had cheesecake in such a long time so it was extra good. It had spiced pepitas and pumpkin seed oil. A very good ending.

Like I said, this has by far been my favorite place I've been to. If you get the chance to go, go! There may even be a trip back here in the very near future...like this weekend :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Monsieur Louboutin gets a (statement) Celebration

Several months ago, Mr. Louboutin faced YSL in a downtown Manhattan courthouse, fighting to win the rights to his famous red soles. If you arent familiar, YSL made a shoe with red bottoms almost identical to those of fame from Christian Louboutin. 
No decision was made in that first hearing, however. Last week, Louboutin took on YSL again in downtown Manhattan. Both attorneys faced off. One citing that this specific shade of red should be able to be trademarked by Louboutin, and the YSL attorney claiming no one can have a trademark on a shade of color. As far as I understand, we are still waiting for a decision.

Within days of the battle in court, world famous department store Bergdorf Goodman hosted Monsieur Louboutin with a pretty grand celebration. Shoppers got to meet in and get their red bottoms from the new collection signed by him. I just have to wonder, was this a subtle statement by Bergdorf's to show their support for the designer that so many New York women love?

Ill let you decide.

You can read about the event on Bergdorf Goodman's blog here.

Regardless, the windows were quite impressive as always.

All images via BG blog

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