Monday, April 22, 2013

An Insider's Guide To Paris

Written by Les Garçons aux Foulards

Who is Les Garcons aux Foulards?- A Young Parisian, I’m living in the French capital for more than 20 years. Free lance in a lot of different activities around the Fashion Industry, i decided two years ago to launch a personal and slightly different blog – Les Garçons aux Foulards - about this subject who is in the center of my life and about different topics like Art, Exhibitions, Designers Interviews… The blog is different because, it’s one of the rare blog that proposes an unconventional vision of the Fashion World, daring to criticize sometimes the Fashion Shows, the advertising campaigns, and the designers that unfortunately not always creates stunning collections. So for this reason we decides to hide our identity behind the Character of the « Boys with Scarfs ».

How would be possible to not love Paris ? Art, Architecture, Romantic walks, so many clichés symbolizing this city through the movies, the literature, and the personal experiences of the travellers who discovers the city every day, and which are true in one way. The feelings that you have are passed in a kind of magic filter changing your perception of reality. Simple coffee time to the « Zinc » of a bar, or looking at the Seine flowing under one of the bridges, even the rain can be romantic in Paris!
Unfortunately, all these positive things also have their opposite, and what can be more difficult is succeeding in developing a real Relationship with the Parisians – everybody is always running and we are not known to be the most smiling people in the world…  
3 things that you have to see in Paris
For sure, the two first are quiet clichés, but impossible to pass them for a first time. First of all, head to the center of Paris, to see the Louvre museum and the amazing glass pyramid of the architect Yeo Ming Pei, the contrast between the Past and the Present is particularly interesting and you have a great view of the Eiffel Tower, the Tuileries garden and far away the business quarter of La Défense who draws a line between the Ancient city and the Modern city. If you are Lucky, the sun will be reflected in the glass of the pyramid and the fountains running – a timeless feeling !

When the sun went down head towards Trocadero. Between the Ethnographic muséum and the Architecture museum, it’s a terrace with the most incredible view of the Eiffel Tower. During the day it’s charming, but in the evening it’s a real show. All the hours ( 8P.M, 9P.M, 10P.M,…) the Eiffel Tower is sparkling with thousands of electric lights during 10 minutes, everybody clapping their hands - stunning ! 
Finally, a little bit less known by tourists, the second Island in the center of Paris called Saint Louis offers a charming view of Paris. Walking around on the Quais or in the small streets of the Island, you will feel a typical feeling of Paris with the small shops, the cozy restaurants and of course its impossible not to eat a Berthillon Ice Cream which is a real institution in Paris, looking at the back of Notre Dame or listening to some people playing music in the streets around – charming.
Would you like to come with me to take a lunch? 
Paris is for sure one the world capitals of food - refined dishes, more simple and traditional, or fusion, you can find something for all tastes. For my part, except the japanese salmon maki who could easily become the base of my nutrition, I’m fond about meat and delicatessen. I know, not really healthy, but God, so tasty !  So generally, when i’m going out with some friends, I alternate between a double bacon cheese burger (the real home made!) with some crunchy french fries, or something typically French – the cheese plate or a mix with some delicatessen, and when you know that in France you have more varieties of cheese than days in one year, the choice is quiet endless! To pair with all these flavors, what else than a bottle of red wine – Saint Emilion – the best. Finally impossible to overlook the Foie Gras ! A few peppercorns, some fig jam, fresh bread, a glass of red wine and i can be the happiest man in the world!
Paris proposes some of the nicest restaurants in the world, and all of them with their own specificities, and is not necessary to go in the restaurants with One, Two or Three Stars in the Michelin guide, you can find a nice place to eat on all the corners.
For a Young and Trendy atmosphere, the Marais (3th and 4th district), in the center of Paris is the place to be of the people working in the Fashion industry. One of the nevralgic point is the Café Charlot in the Rue de Bretagne, french « neo-brasserie » with vintage furniture - essential. Very close, in the Rue du Petit-Thouars, two lovely places – the Café Crème for the cool and relaxed atmosphere and the Café Soprano for his italian food and the wonderful terrace during the summer. A few blocks away, on the wonderful Place des Vosges built in the 17th century, just under the columns - the Café Hugo (a tribute to the writer Victor Hugo who lived on the place) subdued lighting, very good traditional food and affordable prices!

Always Rue de Bretagne, per haps one of the most surprising place in the city, the Marché des Enfants Rouge. Most ancient market of the city, its actual particularity is to have the possibility to eat in all kind of food – Italian, Lebanese, Moroccan, organic, Japanese… and all of them are fresh baked and delicious! True journey through time and space you don’t have the feeling to be in the center of Paris – a place to discover imperatively!
Slightly more glamorous and a little bit more expensive, two other places could be amazing experiences. On the roof of the Modern Art museum – Centre Georges Pompidou – Georges, the restaurant designed by Philippe Starck is one of the trendiest place in Paris. Amazing sight of the roofs of Paris lightened, modern design, live dj and fusion food, i suggest you the « Le tigre qui pleure », raw beef with an Asian sauce - explosion of flavors.

Come back to the Louvre to dinner or just to take a drink on the terrace of the Marly. Situated Under the columns of the Louvre, this very elegant place will offer you per haps one of the most beautiful view of Paris in the one of the most charming ambiance in town.

Finally for all the lovers of sweatness, the tearoom LaDuree for the Macarons and the fresh pastries.


  1. You had me at the title of this post...merci for a fabulous trip to Paris this morning!

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