Thursday, April 11, 2013


I like the image not only for the fact that it is a Lamborghini situated under the Eiffel Tower, but also because of the editing. The photographer has created a contrast which I think it notably in important. I like at the broader implications of contrasting. A contrast is notably something that sticks out from the surroundings, something that is different. 

Think of adding contrast to your life. Whether it be in fashion, travel, profession, do not be afraid to stand out. Be the yellow Lamborghini juxtaposed against an all grey Parisian background. Whether its something simple such as my wearing bright, preppy colors in the streets of New York which is dominated by greys and blacks or something larger, it all makes a difference. 

We tend to conform to norms and forget about our uniqueness. While that picture may depict something quite glamorous, look more deeply at it, and standout. 

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