Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Business Casual

After a long weekend, work is always on everyone's mind. I feel this is especially true for the Memorial Day weekend as it is the unofficial start to summer and makes us reminiscent of the summer's of our youth, carefree.

Dressing work can be a challenge in the summer with wool suits and heavy cotton oxfords so having the right gear is essential to staying cool during the summer heat and humidity. It is extremely humid in the northeast this week feeling more like late July than May, so the call to action was earlier than anticipated.

Find a great wool trouser that is lightweight and works well for the season. I love these slim-fit trousers from POLO Ralph Lauren which are done in an elegant, lightweight wool. The pant is thus dressy yet comfortable. The grey hue is perfect for the summer season as it pairs well with seasonal shirts such as light pink and lavender as well as with brown shoes and belts.

Pair your pants with a brighter top to align with the season and bring some color to your warm weather work outfits. Here, I paired a light pink check oxford to contrast the grey and completed the look with chestnut shoes and belt to finish the lighter color palette for summer versus traditional black wingtips.

 Shoes: Ralph Lauren

What is your key for staying cool at the office during the summer months?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What to Pack for a Trip to Cote d'Azur

I am exciting to be jetting off to the South of France to hopefully enjoy some sunny days on the riviera. The Cote d'Azur is one of my favorite places in the world as it just exudes natural beauty and truly is how Slim Aaron's depicted it in his series of photographs.

It will be an exciting to be on the riviera with the 68th Festival du Cannes commencing, however, it is also a tricky time in terms of packing. The spring season will call for more than just shorts, sunglasses, and t-shirts as the temperatures will remain mild during the day and cool in the evening.

I am one for which packing is always a dreaded task despite traveling frequently. I recently took a trip to Paris, however, the Cote d'Azur calls for a much more vibrant color palette, one to match the azur blue waters of the Mediterranean. Below are my suggestions for stylish trip to the South of France.

Sandals: Ralph Lauren // Sunglasses: Armani // Wallet: Goyard // Trunks: Lilly Pulitzer & Ralph Lauren (similar) // T-Shirt: Hanes

If you are like me, the main appeal of going to the coast will be spending days lounging on the beach, at a beach lounge, or soaking up the sun in your favorite spot. With that being said, I recommend packing daywear that centers around statement swimwear (read my recent love for statement swimwear). Great swim trunks will be perfect for the beach, but when paired with a simple white v-neck and sandals, these trunks are the basis of a great casual outfit perfect for going from beach to cafe in town. 

Shirt: Ralph Lauren // Sunglasses: Saint Laurent // Bracelet: Miansai // Cargos: Ralph Lauren (similar) // Sandals: Ralph Lauren

When transitioning for the beach & day to evening, I selected pieces that were colorful and light. Since temperatures are slightly cooler at night, I recommend light weight chinos and cargo pants for a more modern look. Pair bright hues with white for a simple, classic look. Accessorize with great sunglasses, eyewear, and a bracelet. Be sure to pack pants that match a myriad of your tops, allowing you to pack less and save room in your suitcase for anything you might pick up during your visit. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Men's Summer Essential: Statement Swimwear

Summer is finally right over the horizon, and I could not be more excited for the warm weather and sun-filled weekends. An upcoming trip to the French Riviera has me thinking of sunny beaches and turquoise waters...but what to wear? 

The summer season for me means bright colors and vibrant and lively prints. I have always had an extensive collection of printed capri trunks when Lilly used to make men's stuff, however, for my upcoming trip or any day you may be spending in a seaside town, statement swimwear makes for an easy, appropriate outfit.

I recently purchased Ralph Lauren Purple Label Swim Trunks (similar) that function perfectly as a short for strolls through beach towns and will be perfect for Nice and the Cote d'Azur. The vibrant floral print of the trunks makes a strong statement, and when paired with a simple white v-neck and great sandals, you can create an ideal look for an outdoor lunch or day party at a beach club. 

I completed the look with fun, novelty sandals by Ralph Lauren and a favorite pair of aviators from Randolph Engineering. 

Do you utilize great swimwear to make day outfits during hot summer days? What are some of your favorite statement swimwear pieces this season?

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