Thursday, June 26, 2014

Custom Shirting Featuring John Byron

Custom made clothing seems to be the ultimate in menswear, whether it be a dress shirt, sport shirt, or suit. The custom segment, once viewed as unattainable, is making a come back in a strong way in the marketplace for menswear. I never experienced custom made clothing before meeting the John Byron brand, and now I can fully say I know why men love custom shirting!

If, like me, you find yourself looking like a "bubble" in an off the rack dress or sport shirt, custom shirting will fix all your problems of excess fabric and ill fit. It is important to state that the custom tailored, made in the USA options from John Byron are highly attainable with some styles of sport shirts starting as low as $133. Why pay upwards up $300 for a designer shirt off the rack that may not fit perfectly when you can get a custom tailored shirt for less?

I felt like a little kid on Christmas when I received my package of custom shirts after about a month wait (keep in mind, these shirts are cut to your specifics when you place an order so allow some extra time!). The presentation was beautiful, with sets of shirts in white boxes and tissue and a card specifying "Specifically tailored for" with my name hand written. I was highly impressed with the quality, as most of the shirts I selected are made from Italian fabrics that the John Byron brand tailors and makes here in the United States.

Perhaps what I had so much fun with was selecting my options for customization. The possibilities seem endless and truly do make the shirts very detailed. I, of course, love the options for monograms which are available in a myriad of colors, fonts, and placements, as well as the unique option to add quotes from famous individuals to the inside of the collar. Additionally, the brand offers up-to-date menswear trends for tailoring options such as Cut Away Collars and hidden button plackets. 

One of my favorite pieces that I ordered, a linen sport shirt, which I customized to have a 4-button placket and white collar and cuffs got me thinking about an upcoming trip to East Hampton. I am loving this new "pull over" style of sport shirt, and in the linen fabric I thought it would be the perfect piece for a casual summer look. 

The cut away collar makes it right on trend in terms of menswear details while the palazzi cuff adds interest as well. I envision the light blue color of the linen pairing well with a nantucket red pant or white pant as well. The perfect casual summer hamptons look would be completed with a colorful sandal for a pop of color.

Stay tuned for more looks with custom shirting by John Byron!

Friday, June 20, 2014

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie Presents Jamaica House at Pitti Uomo

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie is presenting their Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Pitti Uomo in Florence by inviting guests to experience the leisure and luxury of their latest collection in their Jamaica House. This follows the brands "Alpine Lodge" which debuted at Pitti in January.

The designers get inspiration for each new collection from various places, however, travel destinations that have left an impact on the designers is a large source of inspiration. The destination of Jamaica, this year's inspiration, embodies a certain nostalgia for the designers as they are Jamaican. 

The influence of the Jamaican landscape can be seen in the Spring/Summer 15 collection which is filled with bright colors and interesting textures. The new line also introduces a tropical garden print, exclusive to the brand. Sea hues, palm greens, and raffia weaves are evident across the classic silhouettes. 

The display of the new collection will be open during the entire 86th Pitti Uomo if you happen to be traveling to Florence. The brand is presenting their entire Spring/Summer 2015 collection which also excludes their first venture into footwear.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Interview: Nick Wooster Designs Collection for Lardini

Pitti Uomo is underway in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy, and while I am bummed that I could not make it to Florence, it is great to follow along with all the exciting developments in the world of menswear. On June 18th, the Lardini Group announced its collaboration with fashion icon, Nick Wooster. I have always loved Mr. Wooster's style, especially when he was at the helm of Bergdorfs so I am excited to see his capsule collection which will debut not only in Europe but also in the US and Asian markets.

Lardini is an Italian company that specialized in menswear, but now also produces ranges for both men and women. The group has opened a new showroom in Milan. The company is experiencing positive growth and expects to close 2014 with a growth of 11%. Below, Luigi Lardini, creative director, and Nick Wooster discuss the concept of fashion in a double interview.

1. When was your passion for fashion born?
N.W. Already by the age of 5 I had my own personal taste about how one should dress. I remember that the t-shirts were always too big and it was impossible for my mother to buy something for me. At 15 I began to feel this passion for fashion, so I went to work in a shop, but I didn’t yet know what my path was going to be.
L.L. I believe that I was born with fashion. Some people are born with a veil, or caul, well, I was born with a jacket! It’s something I’ve always felt. At the age of 6 I asked my mother if I could have a Prince-of-Wales check suit.

2. Style is?
N.W. For me style is like the air: it’s just there, difficult to define. I compare it to taste, you don’t know if it’s right or wrong until you try it.
L.L. Yes, style is undefinable. It’s the coming together of simple things. It represents authenticity: from the little accessories to the outerwear that all together build style.

3. How long have you known Lardini/Nick Wooster?
N.W. I’ve known Luigi personally for seven months.
L.L. Exactly; but I’ve known Nick for ages through the social networks and the magazines.

4. What struck you most about them/him?
N.W. The Lardini family is extremely hospitable; I was greatly struck by their kindness and humility. L.L. Nick is an affable, straightforward and likeable fellow. He puts me at my ease and I would define him as a compatriot.

5. A word to describe Luigi’s/Nick’s style?
N.W. Daring.
L.L. Innovative.

6. What should never be missing in a wardrobe?
N.W. Everything is indispensable, but one should never be without a jacket.
L.L. The jacket is essential.

7. What would you pilfer from the other’s wardrobe?
N.W. His 007. And also his field jackets.
L.L. His exclusive jackets.

8. What do two style icons like you feel like when you go round together?
N.W. It’s great fun.
L.L. Yes, enormous fun. The last time we were in Florence we couldn’t move five yards. Everyone wanted a photo or to exchange a couple of words with Nick. Next time I’m going to get him to wear a black bag on his head.

The Collection

The collaboration will be a harmony between the unique style of Nick Wooster and knowledge of Lardini. The color palette will be that of classic menswear- grey, khaki, olive, and navy. The collection consists of 4 jacket styles, 4 models of trousers, and woven shirts based on a play of fabrics. Jackets will range from constructed to unconstructed and trousers will include both slim and straight as well as dropped crotch. Wooster will be sure not to disappoint!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

West Coast Prep with Johnnie-O

East Coasters like to pride themselves on their east coast roots and their version of what it means to be "prep." When I think of the quintessential east coast preppy image, things such as the Yale quad, navy blazers, rugbys, and cricket sweaters come to mind. Always in a quest to discover new brands, I was introduced to the West coast prep brand, Johnnie-O.

West coast prep is a bit more quirky and laid back than the typical east coast vision, and the line from Johnnie-O is just that with brightly colored poplin shorts, polos, and sport shirts. The founder has brought a melange of "midwest farmer, east coast prep, and west coast 'dude'," three elements which can be seen throughout the line.

As we are officially about to enter into the summer season this Saturday, so, too, comes sun kissed skin which makes the perfect backdrop for bright summer hues. I was drawn to the bright hues of the poplin shorts which are done in a nice length which is great for the golf course or running around town. Additionally, the brand's 4-button polo comes in an array of bright colors great for the season.

I am drawn toward the laid back aesthetic to the Johnnie-O brand and am excited to see the upcoming lines as well as the brands growth here on the east coast. The brand also carries lines for both women and children. If you are in New York, be sure to check out the pop-up shop located at 501 Lexington Avenue through the month of June!

Polo, Shirts: C/O Johnnie-O

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eye Catching Summer Swim Trunks

While the official start of summer may be a few weeks away, it is feeling like summer with schools ending and warm weather. Thoughts of trips to the beach and laying by the pool are abundant. Below are some of my favorite eye catching swim trunks to keep you looking stylish wether you are on the beaches of East Hampton, Nice, or the Jersey Shore.

Bright colors are perfect for swimwear as well as fun prints and patterns that you may not wear in a shirt or a pant. You can also snag some great deals as many department stores (Saks, Bergdorfs) as well as site such as Mr. Porter are offering sales up to 60% off right now!

2. Sorrento Catch White & Denim by Robinson Les Bains
5. Seahore Derby Swim Trunk by Peter Millar

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Colorful Sandals Perfect for Summer

I recently discussed a great summer shoe option, the slip-on, and have another style that I live in during the summer months- the sandal. The sandal has evolved into a style that can be either dressed up or dressed down with prices ranging from $50 to upwards of $400 for a designer leather sandal. 

I love the bright colors available in a sandal such as this one that match well with all the chinos and shorts in any preppy summer wardrobe. I found a pair of orange leather sandals by Ralph Lauren that are infused with a European aesthetic which makes them not only interesting but more sophisticated and "dressy" in my opinion.

A bright color, such as orange, pairs well with printed shorts. Orange is always a compliment to a nautical color theme. Here, I paired it with anchor printed shorts by Lilly Pulitzer and added a navy and white Kiel James Patrick bracelet to contrast the bright orange of the sandal. The ultimate weekend preppy "uniform" in the summer whether in East Hampton or down the shore.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Father's Day Gift Picks

Father's Day is quickly approaching on June 15th. Whether you are honoring dad, brother, uncle, or step dad, it is definitely a day to celebrate the men in our lives. If your father is anything like mine, shopping for a gift is nearly impossible. Here are a few of my favorite picks that are simple yet show that you care.

1. Dopp Kit- The Dopp Kit is a must for any sort of travel, whether an overnight stay or a week long trip. This rustic option in olive and neutrals by Jack + Mulligan is handmade in the USA and has the perfect aesthetic for Dad.

2. Driving Loafers - If you are looking to splurge, nothing says classic and stylish like a pair of TODS driving loafers. They will never go out of style, and Dad will find himself wearing them all the time. Get a brighter color as a great option for summer.

3. Nespresso Vertuoline- For the coffee lover, I cannot express how great the Nespresso machine is for the home. Known for their quality at home espressos, the new Vertuoline by Nespresso gives the option to brew both coffees and espressos right in the home. The perfect compliment to the morning paper!

4. Custom Made Shirt- John Byron offers a myriad of options to customize the perfect shirt for Dad. Replace that old shirt that seems to never go away with a new shirt that will fit him well. Linen options are great for the upcoming summer season.

5. Rogue Ducati iPhone Case- An iPhone case is always necessary, and sometime finding the right one can be difficult. The new Ducati series from Element Case offers the protection for which Element Case in known mixed with sleek, edgy designs inspired by Ducati. 

6. Cologne- Cologne always makes a great gift. I am loving the new fragrance from Vince Camuto, Vince Camuto Homme. The fragrance is fresh with a mixture of wood (cedar and pine) and sweet notes of lavender and juniper. 

7. Wine Cellar Sign- For the wine-lover, this gift is whimsical and fun with options to customize to your name. Let Dad claim his wine cellar or bar as his own!
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