Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eye Catching Summer Swim Trunks

While the official start of summer may be a few weeks away, it is feeling like summer with schools ending and warm weather. Thoughts of trips to the beach and laying by the pool are abundant. Below are some of my favorite eye catching swim trunks to keep you looking stylish wether you are on the beaches of East Hampton, Nice, or the Jersey Shore.

Bright colors are perfect for swimwear as well as fun prints and patterns that you may not wear in a shirt or a pant. You can also snag some great deals as many department stores (Saks, Bergdorfs) as well as site such as Mr. Porter are offering sales up to 60% off right now!

2. Sorrento Catch White & Denim by Robinson Les Bains
5. Seahore Derby Swim Trunk by Peter Millar


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