Thursday, June 19, 2014

Interview: Nick Wooster Designs Collection for Lardini

Pitti Uomo is underway in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy, and while I am bummed that I could not make it to Florence, it is great to follow along with all the exciting developments in the world of menswear. On June 18th, the Lardini Group announced its collaboration with fashion icon, Nick Wooster. I have always loved Mr. Wooster's style, especially when he was at the helm of Bergdorfs so I am excited to see his capsule collection which will debut not only in Europe but also in the US and Asian markets.

Lardini is an Italian company that specialized in menswear, but now also produces ranges for both men and women. The group has opened a new showroom in Milan. The company is experiencing positive growth and expects to close 2014 with a growth of 11%. Below, Luigi Lardini, creative director, and Nick Wooster discuss the concept of fashion in a double interview.

1. When was your passion for fashion born?
N.W. Already by the age of 5 I had my own personal taste about how one should dress. I remember that the t-shirts were always too big and it was impossible for my mother to buy something for me. At 15 I began to feel this passion for fashion, so I went to work in a shop, but I didn’t yet know what my path was going to be.
L.L. I believe that I was born with fashion. Some people are born with a veil, or caul, well, I was born with a jacket! It’s something I’ve always felt. At the age of 6 I asked my mother if I could have a Prince-of-Wales check suit.

2. Style is?
N.W. For me style is like the air: it’s just there, difficult to define. I compare it to taste, you don’t know if it’s right or wrong until you try it.
L.L. Yes, style is undefinable. It’s the coming together of simple things. It represents authenticity: from the little accessories to the outerwear that all together build style.

3. How long have you known Lardini/Nick Wooster?
N.W. I’ve known Luigi personally for seven months.
L.L. Exactly; but I’ve known Nick for ages through the social networks and the magazines.

4. What struck you most about them/him?
N.W. The Lardini family is extremely hospitable; I was greatly struck by their kindness and humility. L.L. Nick is an affable, straightforward and likeable fellow. He puts me at my ease and I would define him as a compatriot.

5. A word to describe Luigi’s/Nick’s style?
N.W. Daring.
L.L. Innovative.

6. What should never be missing in a wardrobe?
N.W. Everything is indispensable, but one should never be without a jacket.
L.L. The jacket is essential.

7. What would you pilfer from the other’s wardrobe?
N.W. His 007. And also his field jackets.
L.L. His exclusive jackets.

8. What do two style icons like you feel like when you go round together?
N.W. It’s great fun.
L.L. Yes, enormous fun. The last time we were in Florence we couldn’t move five yards. Everyone wanted a photo or to exchange a couple of words with Nick. Next time I’m going to get him to wear a black bag on his head.

The Collection

The collaboration will be a harmony between the unique style of Nick Wooster and knowledge of Lardini. The color palette will be that of classic menswear- grey, khaki, olive, and navy. The collection consists of 4 jacket styles, 4 models of trousers, and woven shirts based on a play of fabrics. Jackets will range from constructed to unconstructed and trousers will include both slim and straight as well as dropped crotch. Wooster will be sure not to disappoint!


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