Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tech Meets Fashion at Pitti Uomo 89

Pitti Uomo 89 just concluded in Milan. The fashion event, renowned in the men's world, is one of the most important events around the global that showcases men's fashion and accessories. If you are a menswear fan, you have probably been following the awesome street style shots on Instagram over the past few days. 

The sartorial crowd did not come to Florence just to see ready-to-wear and accessories. Patti Uomo 89 featured some vendors that are the pinnacle of the fusion between high fashion and hi-tech. I think this is an area that will continue to grow as we become more conscious of not only the aesthetic of our style, namely our clothes selections, but also to our tech accessories as they are becoming a larger and larger part of every day life. We have seen designers collaborate with tech companies, such as the Hermes Apple Watch. 

One brand, PRYMA, is fusing style and Italian quality into tech accessories with its eye-catching line of headphones. Handmade in Italy, the PRYMA headphones by World of Macintosh combine world-class sound quality with high-end styling....making them a great choice for the most discerning music lover.

The line comes in five distinct designs, offering Italian leather removable headbands, die-cast aluminum ear cup body, removable double-socket cable, and copper and stainless steel buckles. Given the stylish appeal of these headphones, I think Pitti was the perfect setting to showcase the 100% made in Italy line.

Which color is your favorite?

Images: PRYMA

Monday, January 4, 2016

Scandinavian Minimalism from Mismo

A great bag is hard to find, and when you do find one, sometimes the switching costs seem to high, namely moving all your personal belongings from when bag and getting used to a new bag. I recently wrote about 5 timeless bags that would transcend decades, however, they tend to come with high price tags as well.

A great bag does not have to cause so much sticker shock. In fact, some times the $300-500 price range works well as you can find great style and functionality and not feel as guilty when you place the bag you paid a month's rent for in your closet if you change your bag often. I recently was turned onto the brand Mismo. The simplistic silhouettes, color palettes, and designs attracted me to their pieces. Leave it Danes to craft simple, beautiful products. From Ikea to Bang & Olufsen, Scandinavians truly have a knack for simplistic design and beauty.

Mismo calls itself the "the ultimate personal companion to the urban sophisticate." All of their designs or centered around leather as the backbone with durable canvas or other premium materials mixed in. I personally find this to be a great combination as the canvas material is quite durable while the leather adds a touch of timeless sophistication. I selected the N/S tote as it is a simple silhouette that holds quite a bit and can be worn with the long shoulder strap which I prefer. The AW15 season was inspired by the landscape of Iceland.

Apparently I am not the only one that is loving the Mismo seems to be sold out at most places domestically, including Barneys where I purchased mine. I was able to find some in stock at East Dane. So if you are looking for a clean styling and premium construction, I highly recommend checking out Mismo. Perhaps it is the best bag brand you never heard of...until now!

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