Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Lesson From Lilly

I thought this would be interesting and fun to share. One of my favorite prints from the Lilly Pulitzer spring collection is this one here:

one of my new swim trunks! 
Lilly always names their prints with great creativity and they also relate to whats going on in the print. So, this print has flamingos. When i saw the name of the print was "peel and heat" I couldnt figure out why that was the name...neither could my sister.

but if you look closely.....

theres little shrimp mixed in there as well, and someone informed me that flamingos eat shrimp. Finally, it all made sense! I did a little research on flamingos and shrimp and wikipedia informed me of the following:

"flamingos filter-feed on brine shrimp and blue-green algae...the pink or reddish color of flamingos comes from cartenoid proteins in their diet of animal and plant plankton..."

Who knew??

You learn something new everyday!


  1. haha! I love it :) Is this the print that you want for your other tie as well? I <3 flamingos!

  2. haha I saw this posted on Lilly's facebook page a couple weeks ago..love it!

  3. I love love love this print!
    It's just so very Florida!
    Fixin' to get me a shift in Peel and Eat on Friday, among many other things!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  4. what a great print -- and great post!! i was super confused by "peel and eat" too!!

  5. I love all of Lilly's swim trunks!

  6. I just saw this post, but this is my favorite print this spring! They have a tie in this pattern too!!


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