Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Much is Never Enough: Fragrance

You all probably saw the title of this and thought to yourself, what is he talking about?!? There certainly is a things as too much fragrance....i agree. We've all suffocated in an elevator with someone bathed an outdated bottle of Chanel Number 5.

But im referring to options of course!

Im not a huge, huge cologne wearer, but I do have a few

this isnt my whole collection- some was just MIA at school. I also have Escada and Lacoste as well. I mainly stick with the classics...Burberry, Calvin Klein, Gucci

Its hard for me to pick my favorite, but im going to go with Gucci by Gucci....its amazing

followed by Eau de Cartier in close second. (yes, they do make more besides that fabulous watch on your wrist)

Whats your favorite brand or scent?? 

Too Much is Never Enough Series


  1. Morning Wes!

    Great collection ya got going there. Looks like my husbands. I think he has more than I do:) I would have linked up but have my HTT!!

    Hope you have some better weather. We are suppose to have storms later, ugh! But hey, we both know the flip side to that...... HUNTERS!! YIPPEE

  2. I have Burberry & Burberry Summer. Those are probably my faves. I also have an Escada that I enjoy. The boy wears Escada and also a CK that I enjoy.

    The sad thing is...I am usually running so behind I forget to put any on :(


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