Monday, October 29, 2012

5 Random Monday Thoughts

The end of October already?! This month sure has come to an interesting end as we are in the middle of "Frankenstorm" here in the city

  • This past weekend was filled with fun Halloween festivities with friends coming together.
  • Its an extra short week for me- 2 days of school cancelled...thanks Sandy :)
  • Check out my Pinterest feed in the sidebar
  • Im loving the Ralph Lauren Fall Classics collection. They always have the perfect fall attire.
  • Being trapped inside for the next 2 days will definitely not be fun

Sandy takes over the city:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fashion Friday: Fall Layers

Layers are essential for transitioning from season to season. Recently, a lot of people have been saying to me, "You're always in layers." I never noticed it, but they are right. Im usually never just wearing a shirt and outerwear, but instead am wearing a polo with a cardigan or 1/4 zip overtop and a jacket. 
For me, layers are perfect fall and also have a sophisticated look of sorts. Not to mention now that I am more conscious of my layering, I am seeing the style all over the place.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Suburban Sunset

Living the faced paced, non-stop lifestyle that urban living demands can definitely be draining at times. Fortunately, a few weekends ago I had the opportunity to escape the hectic city for slow paced suburban life. It's always nice to get a way for a bit.
Certain things go forgotten when you are surrounded by concrete giants on all four sides, namely sunsets. I captured this photo on a fall night out in the middle of nowhere. Its quite lovely isnt it?
Its refreshing to see the colors swirled in the fall sky. Its even more refreshing to reconnect with these things and take a moment to reflect. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Loving Fall

As October already nears its end, we are fully into the fall season. Of all the changes of seasons, I find fall to be the most refreshing as cooler temperatures are ushered and everyone gets back into that school and work grind.

Fall calls for sweaters, pumpkin flavors, lattes, and of course wonderfully color leaves. While we may not have all the trees here in the city, fall is sill a wonderful time to be here. When you do catch a glimpse of that tree that is few and far between with red leaves, it makes it that much better. It was looking like fall on my pinterest as well:

Im joining the Vintage Apple today for "Pinteresting Wednesday" Stop over to check out others!

*Please check out my inaugural post at Skimbaco Lifestyle take a look at the upcoming Maison Martin Margiela collection for H&M. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Balthazar Boulangerie

Located on a perfect perfect street in SoHo, the famed restuarant francais et boulangerie francaise, Balthazar, reigns king. Priding themselves on their authentic French cuisine, the menu at Balthazar is filled with traditional dishes and French flavors. Balthazar competes with the other famed, trendy restaurant Pastis. I dinned at their last year, and while good, Balthazar won me over. While breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available, my favorite part, of course, is the bakery.

With an array of choices includes gallettes, croissantes, et pain au chocolat you cannot go wrong. Pair with a cup of coffee for the perfect breakfast. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

5 Randmon Monday Thoughts

Fall break has come and passed, and so it is back to the grind in the city that never sleeps.

  • I'm entering that mid-semester slump where midterm upon midterm and assignment upon assignment pile up and you are not sure if there is a way out.
  • I do have something to look excited for,however. I will be traveling to Barcelona in the spring!! Its been a few years since I have been to Europe and I cannot wait to be back.
  • Now that its beginning to be coat season, my obsession with outerwear is rekindling and I am obsessed with this jacket from Balmain. Upcoming birthday gift anyone? Available at Bergdorf Goodman

  •  In moments of pressure and stress, true friends are revealed as the ones that ask how everything is going and check-in
  • Monday, can we just end this now??

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Classic Wingtip

The wingtip, or brogue as many call it, is one of the most timeless and classic shoes for men. The style has now even carried over to women's wear. The wingtip has its origins in Scotland and can be worn casual or dressed up with a tuxedo in the original white and black color scheme.

The trend towards more vintage, classic dressing has made the wingtip popular once again. I reach for mine to either wear with chinos in the office, or pair with cuffed jeans on the weekend for a casual yet put together look. With all the color combinations and styles now available you cannot go wrong. From Payless to Prada, everyone is making wingtips. 

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fashion Friday: Fall Chinos

As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite things about the change of seasons is the new wardrobe that comes with it. Fall ranks up there as one of my favorite times for fashion, namely all the great tones perfect for fall such as mustard yellow, jewel green, and mulberry.

Chinos are a staple in my wardrobe. Classic and preppy, they can be both dressed up or worn casually on the weekends. Colored chinos have become quite the coveted pants for men this fall. I often opt for a more slim fit and cut to cuff the bottom and pair with great loafers or a pair of oxfords.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Fashion Friday: Boots for Fall

While it may be 80 and sunny here today (Ive heard its been 100 in LA this week?!), most of us would normally be breaking out our favorite fall boots because it is October now. Nice boots are one of my favorite things about fall. You have to have at least one good pair in your closet. 

Riding boot styles say quintessential fall as well as classic. I prefer them, and have the following 2 pairs of Ralph Lauren in my closet. They last season after season and look great with fall favorites such as chunky sweaters and rugbys.

A preppy fall closet is not complete without a pair of Bean Boots. When the rain comes and it gets messy, especially here in the city, these are always my go to. They are perfect for any weather that isnt sunny! Not to mention they last forever.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Wardrobe Inspiration

The midweek slump calls for a little pick me up. After an excruciating exam this afternoon, its only necessary that I turn to Pinterest for a little fall wardrobe inspiration.

These images capture so many things I love about fall dressing. Namely, mixed textures and wool. I love classic intarsia on sweaters...especially fair isle. I also love pulling out those Vineyard Vines quarter zips and the richness of dark leathers that are appropriate for the season.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello, October

Most of the probably thought I fell off the face of the Earth by this point, but I have not. Ive just been a really bad blogger recently. Sorry! Its evident that my life has been a whirlwind by the fact that my calendar reads October 1. October, where did you come from?!?

The winds have been changing here in the Northeast. Cool evenings and mornings call for sweaters and button downs.

Fall wardrobes are one of my favorites. I cannot wait to fully get out my shawl collars, rugbys, and boots. 

What has been keeping me so busy while Ive been enjoying the transition to fall? School. This semester has been and will continue to be quite the stressor. Course titles include: "Economics of Global Business" "Corporate Finance" and "Managerial Accounting" Not to mention Im not officially a fashion intern...not quite as depicted in The Devil Wears Prada, but perhaps its close ;)

So hello October. I hope I can be a better blogger for you, and Im excited about what you have in store for all of us...make it good, please.
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