Friday, January 31, 2014

The Ascot

When I think of an ascot, I think of a true gentleman, sophisticatedly dressed, and perhaps sipping on scotch in the study. The ascot look can be worn, however, in a more modern, preppy fashion that brings a bit of interest to an otherwise traditional button down. 

I was inspired to use a pocket square as a little ascot or foulard while shopping at Ralph Lauren when I spotted it on a mannequin. It is easy to do, and pocket squares come in a variety of fun prints and colors to add interest. Just roll the pocket square, and tie around the neck for an easy ascot. For me, I love the air of European flair it adds to an outfit. Below, I've paired a yellow paisley with a black and white oxford for contrast.

Pocket Square: Polo Ralph Lauren (Similar) // Shirt: Ralph Lauren Black Label (Similar) // Belt: Hermes

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Men's Bags with Jack Spade

A lot of men have a large hesitation about carrying and using a bag. I even wrote a piece at Skimbaco about perfect bags for work and travel that do not have that "murse" stigma. For me, a bag has become essential, especially when living in a city. Each day means lugging around computers, notebooks, moleskines, etc. 

I discovered the great bags that Jack Spade makes a few years ago, before it became the bag hanging on the arm of every young urbanite. They are the perfect, understated bag that gets the job done without being over the top. 

I tend to love the carpenter totes because they are extremely durable, made of canvas with a dipped bottom. This bag holds your daily essentials with some left over room as well. The simplicity in aesthetic is what attracts me to the bags, and they are also available in a nice variety of color combinations.

In addition to the popular totes, Jack Spade makes briefcases which are also available in all leather, messenger bags , and they also have a great line of clothing that is preppy and fun.

You can explore the complete brand online at Jack Spade.

Guys, are you loving Jack Spade?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Focus on the Eye with Shiseido

We all have our own unique skin routine in the morning and night filled with our favorite beauty products. Mine generally consists of facial cleanser and the occasional detox facial mask. Some areas go without much attention, one of those areas being the eyes, especially for men. 

Shiseido has introduced a new total revitalizer eye serum specifically for men. I never used a product for my eyes, but was intrigued by the new product. It is designed to tackle dryness, sagging, and dark circles. All of these sounded very appealing, especially after a late night out followed by an early morning.  

I have been using the product twice a day for a week an can already see a reduction in my dark circles. The key ingredients in the new product are an eye bio complex and a damage defense complex. The cream is light, and easy to apply. 

The Men Total Revitalizer Eye is $45 and will be available from Shiseido starting in February. 

Note: This post was made possible by Shiseido. All opinions are solely my own

Monday, January 27, 2014

5 Random Monday Thoughts

Glad to say that January is almost officially over. One cold month down and only a few more to get through until spring and warm weather....but who is counting?

  • Today marks the official start of my last semester ever. It it kind of weird, but I could not take it all in as I overslept an hour and literally ran out of my apartment within 15 minutes...lazy day chic?
  • Sale season has been very hit or miss this year. I usually count on the Bergdorf Goodman "Grand Finale", but was quite disappointed in their selection this season. Needless  to say, I did a lot of damage with the end of season sales at Mr. Porter and Jeffreys in New York.....have you picked up any good sale finds?
  • The countdown to the olympics is really getting down now. I always love to see the official outfits sponsored by Ralph Lauren. The signature opening ceremony cardigan is already sold out, but I love this preppy and perfect for winter.
  • I recently had dinner at Gemma, a favorite here in the city. I just cannot stress how great it is, and never disappoints. You must try when visiting the city!
  • Finally, Skimbaco has released the first edition of a digital magazine, and would love for you all to check it out here!

Its been quite a Monday's to hoping for a good week!

Friday, January 24, 2014

New York Essential: Bean Boots

This winter has been quite relentless in the Northeast. We just received 11 inches of snow and or forecasted to pick up a few more inches over the new few days, with the potential for a major storm in a few weeks. 

Snow in New York is pretty for about 10 minutes, and then it turns into a slushy, brown mess. This time, with the polar vortex in place, this slushy mess is not going anywhere any time soon. This makes stepping out the door and moving around the city and nightmare...for your shoes that is. 

I will be living in my LL Bean Boots over the next 1.5 weeks as the streets continue to be wet and slushy. They are known for their exceptional quality guarantee and are actually quite versatile when it comes to making an outfit. Below I am wearing the original style, but also have the fleece lined style for when its very snowy- in fact, I packed them for a trip to Aspen last January. 

I put together an outfit that keeps my feet dry on the street, but also keeps me warm inside during the very cold weather we are also experiencing thanks to the heavy cardigan. I love the check pattern of the shirt and the elbow patch details on the cardigan. A wool toggle coat overtop would make this the perfect outfit to trek out in the aftermath of the storm and into the polar vortex. 

Shirt- Jack Wills (similar) // Sweater- Jack Wills (similar) // Denim- 7 for all Mankind Belt- Ralph Lauren // Boots- LL Bean

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tommy Hilfiger Launches Spring 2014 Campaign

With the change of seasons comes the change of ad campaigns for designers, one of the fun things to watch within the fashion industry. I always love to see what direction brands steer their new collections. For spring 2014, Tommy Hilfiger is launching its new campaign called "wést coãstiüs" 

This new campaign is all about the Hilfigers traveling to Malibu to depict their version of a spring break in the sun. I think the ad is unique as it instills a sense of prep on the coast of California which brings a newness versus the traditional "East Coast Prep". The focus sems to be on chambray shirts, sea glass coloring, and wave-washed shorts.

I am excited the see the new collection with this updated "west coast twist". The campaign will include multimedia videos as well and launch worldwide in January 2014. Ads will run in publications such as Vogue, Glamour, GQ, and, Esquire.

I am loving the spring 2014 campaign- what are your thoughts?

Photos: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Latest Styles from Raymond Weil

Swiss watch brand, Raymond Weil, has released some new styles for 2014 that I am loving. I selected some of my favorite pieces during the summer, and have found some new favorites in the recent releases. While the brand continues to stick to its core collections such as the Maestro and Nabucco collections, the collections receive new updates with both classic and sport styles available from the fine watchmaker. 

This season, Raymond Weil is placing an emphasis on its skeleton watches from the Freelancer Collection as well as sporty pieces from the Nabucco and Parsifal Collections. Below are some of my top picks from Raymond Weil.

Skeleton Freelancer

The Freelancer collection, drawing its name from the fact that Raymond Weil is one of the last free standing watch makers, is a collection that is always redefining itself. The skeleton model shown, featuring an automatic movement brings a bit of modernity in a subtle fashion with the window showcasing the movement on the dial. I see this piece paring well under a slim-fitting suit for an interview or business occasion as well as being worn on the weekend in a more sporty fashion.

Inverso Special Edition

This is, perhaps, one of the most eye-catching timepieces among my selections. I love the mechanical, sporty styling of this piece which is taken from the Nabucco Collection which is known for this edge. The Nabucco collection has been with the brand since 2007. This limited edition Inverso is made of steel and titanium and features a chronograph dial. I envision this timepiece being worn out on the boat in the summer and during apres-ski in the winter. The technical aspect is perfect for the active man.

Parsifal Automatic Chronograph

My last pick, while sporty, offers an air of classic aesthetics compared to the Inverso, perfect for the man that loves traditional style. The roman numeral dial and rose gold accents mixed with an alligator strap give off an air of quality and sophistication. The Parsifal Collection is all about staying true to classic aesthetics, and uses materials such as mother of pearl, diamonds, and rose gold in both the women's and men's collections.  My favorite aspect of this particular timepiece is its functionality (water resistant up to 100m) crafted in an elegant fashion. This watch can easily transition from the office or boardroom to the golf course or boat.

Which pick is your favorite?

Images via Raymond Weil

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Coffee Table Book

I go through phases of getting very into decorating my apartment and interior design. I had a short flint with prints, a love of candles fueled by Diptyque and NEST fragrances, and a love of bar accessories. 
While spending time with a friend recently, I was reminded of one of my other current obsession in terms of apartment and home decorating- the coffee table book.

The coffee table book is great because they often look sleek on the table, but serve as a great conversation starter at parties or when guests are visiting. You can find them about virtually any topic. I   tend to gravitate towards the ones from designers such as Ralph Lauren or Chanel . I love the images that often look through the life of the designer or past collections.

A recent afternoon was spent perusing Tom Ford by Tom Ford. Paired with some Moet Rosé, what could be a better way to spend a relaxing afternoon?

What coffee table books are you loving?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Paris Fashion Week

After shows in London and Milan the past few weeks, the attention has moved to Paris. This is one of my favorite settings as some of my favorite designers show in Paris. I have been loving most of what I am seeing on the runways for autumn/winter 2014.  Neutrals seem to be dominating the Paris runways.

I loved the tailoring and outwear from Balmain, whom never disappoints in this category. Other favorites that have gone down the runway so far have been Valentino, filled with loose fitting suits and "couture pieces", a new direction for the brand in terms of menswear. Additionally, I personally loved the modern collections shown by Phillip Lim and Dries Van Noten.

I know New York comes alive during Fashion Week, so I can only imagine what it is like to be in Paris during these exciting times of the year. Last week, Maison Kitsuné annouced the opening of their new café in Paris. The café is set to open today, and it looks amazing! Below are a few photos that give a look inside. Given its fusion of fashion, music, and coffee, I imagine it will be a fashion week "hotspot"

As we head into the weekend, I can only wish that I was in Paris sipping on espresso at Café Kistuné as I browse the street style from likes of Tommy Ton and The Satorialist.

What collections have you been loving from the menswear shows? 

Photos: Balmain via and Karl Hab

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket, a classic that even our parents wore, made a come back over the past few seasons. I admit, I was never a huge fan of the denim jacket, however, there have been some updated styles to the old classic that I do like. The weather in the northeast has been quite crazy this winter- 20 one day and 55 degrees 12 hours later!

With a warmer day on our hands, it created the perfect opportunity to leave the heavy down jacket at home and wear an updated denim jacket. I opted for a coated canvas in brown denim instead of traditional "blue jean." The "moto" trend has been popular and something that I embraced previously, and my denim jacket gave way to another moto inspired look.

I paired a coated denim jacket with one of my favorite pair of denim, filled with detailed stitching and zippers. I kept the look dark on the top with a black polo for an edgier look and finished it off with black suede boots. 

Are you embracing the denim jacket?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Café Kitsuné Opening in Paris

French fashion label Maison Kitsuné will be opening its second café in Paris on January 17th. This opening comes after the success launch of Café Kitsuné last winter in Tokyo. I love the aesthetic of the Maison Kitunsé and cannot wait to see photos of the new location opening in Paris.

The location was developed by Gildas Loaec and Masaya Kuroki, and features the charm of a quaint European café mixed with clean design. It will offer a place to take a moment out of a busy day in Paris to recharge and relax over great coffees and espressos. The café will blend fashion, music, design, and lifestyle. This café will be the epitome of cosmopolitan life and the café experience. 

A selection of Kitsuné accessories and music compilations will be available for purchase. Additionally the menu features London-roasted coffee, tea, juices, and gluten-free pastries and cakes from Noglu.

This will be a must visit on the next trip to Paris!

Café Kitsuné Paris
30 Rue de Montpensier
75001 Paris
Garden of Palais Royal

Photo: Maison Kitsuné

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Deep Freeze

Whether you are in the northeast, midwest, or not, I am sure you have heard about the recording breaking cold we are experiencing in this part of the country. With temperatures in the teens and real feel in the negative 20's, it is brutal stepping outside. 

It was the perfect day to spend inside by the wood burning fireplace. It was so cold that even the fireplace could not keep up so it was also I good day to layer in flannel and cashmere to fight the cold. Below, I paired a classic Brooks Brother's flannel oxford with a simple Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater. The look is finished with coated canvas denim for the ultimate arctic day by the fire. 

Shirt: Brooks Brothers (similar) // Sweater: Ralph Lauren // Denim: Ralph Lauren Black Label // Bracelet: Miansai

How are you beating the arctic air?

Monday, January 6, 2014

5 Random Monday Thoughts

Happy official New Year to all! Do you have good feelings about 2014, the year ahead? I think there will be a lot of different things coming my way this year. 

  • I think most of us in the Midwest and Northeast would say we are ready for spring. The weather is been quite nasty. It will be feeling like -10 to -20 tonight....I'll take a sunny beach instead!
  • I am ready for the commencement of fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, and London, followed by New York in February. Always an exciting time!
  • For all the Lilly Lovers, do not forget the online sale currently going on! 
  • Only 31 days until the start of the Olympics in Sochi!
  • As the we start a new year, it is time to plan travel. I am deciding what to do for spring break, and was inspired by this quote from pinterest:

Will you be traveling any where exciting in the upcoming year?
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