Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Coffee Table Book

I go through phases of getting very into decorating my apartment and interior design. I had a short flint with prints, a love of candles fueled by Diptyque and NEST fragrances, and a love of bar accessories. 
While spending time with a friend recently, I was reminded of one of my other current obsession in terms of apartment and home decorating- the coffee table book.

The coffee table book is great because they often look sleek on the table, but serve as a great conversation starter at parties or when guests are visiting. You can find them about virtually any topic. I   tend to gravitate towards the ones from designers such as Ralph Lauren or Chanel . I love the images that often look through the life of the designer or past collections.

A recent afternoon was spent perusing Tom Ford by Tom Ford. Paired with some Moet Rosé, what could be a better way to spend a relaxing afternoon?

What coffee table books are you loving?


  1. I love parisian coffee table books!


  2. My favorite is probably The Imperfectly Perfect Home!

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