Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break has Finally Arrived...Almost

Today is finally the day spring break starts for me!! :) I'm soooo looking forward to it, except theres a few obstacles i still have to get through.

Those are:
1. a midterm
2. getting to the bus/taking bus

I have one midterm this morning that consists of writing two essays in one class (75 minutes)...thats only like 32 minutes per essay!

Last night was crazy, i was running around like mad gathering everything up and getting ready so i could quickly leave after my last class. Basically im trying to take as much winter stuff home as possible which started out like this:

basically i started pulling out all my sweaters, coats, ect. from all the creative places i have found to store clothes and started laying them on my bed. Well, that pile kept growing, and growing, and soon i was very stressed out because i had a huge unorganized mess. Plus, how was it all going to fit?!?

Well somehow i managed to turn all that, and more into:

this little big guy...dont be deceived by the picture. This thing could fit a small child and weighs atleast 100 pounds

once again, dont be deceived by the picture. That carryall is absolutely stuffed.

im guess that all my luggage must weigh 200 pounds together. So, im really freaking out about how I'm going to get all this stuff onto the bus by myself....not to mention its supposed to be pouring of course :((

should make for quite the adventure!

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