Thursday, June 26, 2014

Custom Shirting Featuring John Byron

Custom made clothing seems to be the ultimate in menswear, whether it be a dress shirt, sport shirt, or suit. The custom segment, once viewed as unattainable, is making a come back in a strong way in the marketplace for menswear. I never experienced custom made clothing before meeting the John Byron brand, and now I can fully say I know why men love custom shirting!

If, like me, you find yourself looking like a "bubble" in an off the rack dress or sport shirt, custom shirting will fix all your problems of excess fabric and ill fit. It is important to state that the custom tailored, made in the USA options from John Byron are highly attainable with some styles of sport shirts starting as low as $133. Why pay upwards up $300 for a designer shirt off the rack that may not fit perfectly when you can get a custom tailored shirt for less?

I felt like a little kid on Christmas when I received my package of custom shirts after about a month wait (keep in mind, these shirts are cut to your specifics when you place an order so allow some extra time!). The presentation was beautiful, with sets of shirts in white boxes and tissue and a card specifying "Specifically tailored for" with my name hand written. I was highly impressed with the quality, as most of the shirts I selected are made from Italian fabrics that the John Byron brand tailors and makes here in the United States.

Perhaps what I had so much fun with was selecting my options for customization. The possibilities seem endless and truly do make the shirts very detailed. I, of course, love the options for monograms which are available in a myriad of colors, fonts, and placements, as well as the unique option to add quotes from famous individuals to the inside of the collar. Additionally, the brand offers up-to-date menswear trends for tailoring options such as Cut Away Collars and hidden button plackets. 

One of my favorite pieces that I ordered, a linen sport shirt, which I customized to have a 4-button placket and white collar and cuffs got me thinking about an upcoming trip to East Hampton. I am loving this new "pull over" style of sport shirt, and in the linen fabric I thought it would be the perfect piece for a casual summer look. 

The cut away collar makes it right on trend in terms of menswear details while the palazzi cuff adds interest as well. I envision the light blue color of the linen pairing well with a nantucket red pant or white pant as well. The perfect casual summer hamptons look would be completed with a colorful sandal for a pop of color.

Stay tuned for more looks with custom shirting by John Byron!


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