Friday, May 6, 2011

A Tribute to You, Mom

Mother's Day is sunday- seems like its extra early this year? Anyhow, i'd like to pay an early thank you to my mom. Many of you may think this post will be completely cliche, but im not really concerned with that.

You are an incredible person. I feel as though i have too much to say, and im going to forget to  say the most important things- please forgive me :)
You have been an incredible source of not only inspiration, but also support through out my life.  Starting at a very young age, you taught me the very immense value of education and the results that hard work provide.  Because of you, I had the motivation to excel in school, and I did. I was never the kid in high school to go to very, very, stupid parties on the weekend. Instead, i kept high grades and spent time with you  guys on the weekends.  Looking back at the day of graduation, i could feel how proud you were of me as  I was sitting on the stage and giving my commencement speech-  30 years after you had given yours  for the same high school.
I am so thankful that you have taught me the value of hard work. I got a job as soon as I  was old enough, and although you may foot my bills (thanks! :) ) I know the value of everything I have.  The  long hours you put in make the lifestyle  I have possible, again thank you. I feel like you understand some many things that other people, like fathers, cannot understand.  Thus, i guess you could classify me as  a "mommas boy" growing up? I always turned to you for answers if I was looking for something, or wanting something. You worst things I could hear coming out of your mouth was " you'll have to check with your father." Thank you for all the support during the many rough times of growing up  and going to a school where   I was considered "the stuck of person" Clearly, you and everyone that matters to us knows that is far from true- you have taught me to be generous and supportive of others.
Whenever I need to complain about something, talk about people, ect. you are always ready to listen and get in on the  gossip :). The text messages you send me such as :
"good luck on your test. Take your time and dont panic. Give the bitch what she wants" 
are completely amusing. Yes, that professor was quite a bitch wasnt she??
As I sit here and write this little memo, I know that you support every decision I make, namely coming to school here in New York. While it may seem like im never going to come, dont worry- ill see you in 11 days. :)

All with love,
Your son.


  1. SO frickin' sweet! I Love this :) My husband is a total momma's boy, and it's great - she really knows him inside and out. You are lucky to have such a wonderful mother! Now I feel guilty - I need to call the flower shop back at home and have some flowers sent to my mom!

  2. I only hope that one day I have a son who will write me such a genuine and meaningful letter :) Your mom is just as lucky to have you, as you are to have her.

    I know she can't wait to see you in 11 days!

  3. SNIFF SNIFF::::

    I hope you sent her a copy of this!!

    She is such an amazing mother to 1. have raised a son not afraid to type all you did just for the world to read and 2.instilled such life skills that will only keep you soaring!


  4. Such a nice tribute! I bet she loved it. This was a great Mother's Day gift!

  5. what a great letter!! so kind :) (would i expect anything else??)

  6. This is wonderful. I think I could have written the exact same letter to my mom, even the part about high school!


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