Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seeking Permanence

Permanentcontinuing or enduring without fundamental or marked change : stable

I have realized that one of the hardest things (for me at least) to accept about life is the fact that permanence is essentially non-existent. While one may think he has permanence in his life, I can almost guarantee it is only a temporary thing and will change in the feature- usually when one least wants it to.

Without fundamental or marked change- what if the change is not marked? I believe those are the most difficult to deal with. Those long, slow, drawn out events that one or many do not want to admit are                     happening. 

The lack of permanence is life keep's one on his toes, however. Life may be a little more dull if everything was constant and not subject to change, but I find the things that are most highly subject to change are the things that one would not want to change- location, friends, jobs for example. Through various experiences, I am discovering that some control can be given over this. Namely, choose friends carefully, and make important decisions with caution. 

So seek to create a sense of permanence with the things that ground you in life. In the back of your head always be aware that these things or those moments you enjoy most may not always be, but do not worry about that until the time when they are gone arrive. 

Remember: The moments you love and enjoy will be the moments you miss the most...this is difficult aspect of permanence.

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  1. Oh lordy...whatever is going on? I've been out of the loop at this darn work conference. Has someone done something crappy? Or, are you in a funk with the move home for summer. Hope you find some sense of permanence soon :)

  2. Change can be really tough. My advice would be to keep your chin up and try and find the excitement in new things and a lack of permanence!


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