Thursday, May 26, 2011

Off The Grid


That thing is has literally been attached to my body- that thing being my Blackberry. At least that is how I feel, and i'm sure others think the same! I am constantly checking it for emails, texts, BBMs. 3 days ago I made the decision to turn off my phone and not log into Facebook.

This decision seemed completely absurd to everyone around me, but for me it was quite easy. I did not want to be bothered and constantly obsess over whether I had any new messages. Sitting around hoping that someone texts and they never do is probably the worst thing ever.

We all know that that "quick login into Facebook" turns into an hour long depth into people's profiles that you would prefer not to be looking at- hence why I also decided to stay off of Facebook for a few days. I always seem to find pictures of people that I don't want to see, or find out information about people I would be fine without knowing. 

I was going to have my phone turned off for as long as I saw necessary- anyone that would care enough to reach my had my e-mail address so it was fine. My mother, however, saw this differently! In the end, her constant questioning and "what if I need to reach you's" ended up being more annoying than having my phone turned on! haha

It was a great feeling actually to have it turned off and not be going on Facebook. I recommend everyone try it, if only for a day.

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