Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Spirit of Travel

I have written numerous times about my love for travel and places I would like to visit. I love Paris, and adore the sun. Travel is something that I find myself thinking about often. 
Louis Vuitton recently published a chapter on India on their website and entitled it "Louis Vuitton: L'ame du voyage", or "the spirit of travel".

I love the phrasing of "spirit of travel." I made me start thinking just exactly what the spirit or essence of travel is for me. For me, the spirit of travel is about opening your eyes. Travel allows for the discovering of so many new things, not only at your location but also internally about one's self. The spirit of travel is about exploring, leaving one's comfort zone to gain new insight and new experiences from which to draw perspectives. 

The spirit of travel seems to be quite complex, varying from person to person; however, I believe it has a lot to offer. What is the spirit of travel for you?


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