Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Rainbow of Macaron

Photos: My Own

The Macaron is the perfect treat- not too big but full of flavor and able to satisfy that sweet tooth. Vendôme Macaron, based in New York, recently launched at the 5th floor cafe of Saks Fifth Avenue. Macarons have become quite trendy as a dessert option. The display of macarons available to guests for tasting created quite the rainbow of colors. 
The flavors ranged from Pistachio and Limoncello to Cassis de Provence and Strawberry. I must admit, the Vendôme Macarons were very good- a slightly firm outside and a soft inside, full of flavor. Of course my favorite color combination were the green & pink ones next to each other! You can read more about Vendôme by visiting in their website.


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