Tuesday, February 28, 2012

May you Walk on the Edge

Many find safety in going through life with the same daily routine. We seek comfort in what we know best. I, at least, speak from personal experience. I came across this image on pinterest. While it may be a few people walking on the bow of a sailboat, I looked at it as walking on the edge.
It was a reminder that, sometimes, it does us good to walk on the edge, outside our comfort zone. 
Its the moments when we are slightly uncomfortable that help to define who we are and help to continue to build our personal character.
At some moment this week, I hope you may take a walk on the edge.


  1. love this post. great message, great image. thank you for posting... I LOVE IT.

  2. I am so guilty of routine. I hate change. Luckily I am up for trying new things, but as far as practices and the day-to-day I am bad at taking risks and trying new things. I def need to improve on that! Great post :)

  3. Great post.. I am the opposite! I am so wild and imaginative.. I don't stick to routine. I've been trying to get a routine going. It's definitely work!


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