Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Its Christmas Time in the City"

Some friends and myself decided to officially make it the holiday season by visiting the department store windows, and who else to feature than the wonderful Bergdorf Goodman...always the best! Fortunately my pictures turned out great even though i have one of the worst cameras in the world. (SLR for christmas??)

Check out this behind the scenes video here to get a sense of what went into these masterpieces:

Bergorfs themself told me that the windows are worked on for about 6 months...i had the following mini conversation with them:

The following windows feature designer from Oscar de la Renta, Philip Lim, Iu Miu, and of course Alexander McQueen. Enjoy!

And the holiday season is not complete without the "Cartier Package" always one of my favorites

Anyone always do something "festive" around the holiday season??

1 comment:

  1. don't you just love the little twitter conversations that you can have with brand representatives that would never have been possible without twitter??? it blows my mind sometimes.
    and while the bergdorf's windows are super pretty, i completely prefer the cartier package. always!


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