Thursday, September 12, 2013

Work Space

Readers asked me "where do you get all of your work done?" I thought it I would share my small corner where I sit down, crank out papers or blog posts, as well as just browse the internet. For me, I really get work done in two places- the library and at home. I tend to lean more towards the library, however, I set up a desk at home conducive to long hours of studying. 

For me, a workspace is all about making it personal because is there really anything that exciting about doing finance problems at a desk for hours on end? I didn't think so either. My desk holds all the essentials- computer, printer, supplies, but has little personal touches all around. 

My Jonathan Adler pencil holders are filled with Muji pens, a personal favorite. If you have not tried them I highly recommend. Additionally, we all know my love of champagne. I placed a bottle of Moet on my desk from a memorable night. When I get frustrated with all my work, its nice to glance at something associated with good memories. 

The wall behind my desk is decorated with hints of Paris, another one of my favorite things. Perhaps I find myself daydreaming of Paris a little too often!

And you can be sure to find me, Muji pen in hand and Iced Nespresso in the other, jotting down quotes on the myriad of sticky notes around my desk.

Where do you get most of your work done?

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