Monday, September 9, 2013

Transitioning to Fall

The first hints that fall are just around the corner are in the air- shorter days and cool mornings. Soon we will see the leaves changing and the coats coming out of our closets. Transitioning from summer to fall is one of my favorite times for dressing. I love being able to wear just a sweater or even a light jacket. 

Yesterday was a bit cooler here in the city. I had a brunch to attend at the Plaza, and when looking through my closet for an outfit, I knew I wanted something refined, and simple. Since it was slightly cool in the morning, it was the perfect chance to wear a "transition piece" to brunch. 

Transition pieces for me are lightweight sweaters, jackets, or vests. They are items that can be used to begin to build light layers as layers are crucial for fall wardrobing. I opted for the Ralph Lauren Purple Label sweater shown above. The sweater is crafter in ultra lightweight merino wool, perfect for low 70's/upper 60's weather. 

I paired the sweater with classic, navy chinos to create some contrast with the bright green of the sweater. Completed with accessories such as an Hermes belt and bracelets and simple brown loafers, the outfit was dressy enough yet casual for a Sunday brunch at the Plaza. 

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