Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Accessory: Aviators by Randolph

When it comes to accessories, sunglasses are one of my absolute favorite. I could buy a new pair every day, and I feel they can really add a finishing touch to an entire look. Furthermore, I find nothing quite as chic as a cool weather ensemble, wether chunky cardigan or coat, finished with an amazing pair of sunglasses. That being said, sunglasses are the perfect fall accessory. I personally love the aviator style with its roots to preppy style. 

I was recently exposed to Randolph Engineeringm known for their handcrafted eyewear, and the launch of their new Aviator II based on classic style. I always love discovering new brands and Randolph is no exception. The brand has been manufacturing sunglasses in the US sine 1972. They stand by there quality by offering a lifetime warranty on solder joints, and have eve been supplying eyewear to the military for over 30 years- a true statement of quality. 

The new Aviator II model is rebirth of the classic aviator style. Currently it is offered in a 23K gold plating with tortoise accent pieces.

I was highly impressed with the quality of these sunglasses. When I picked them up, I could feel the difference in weight compared to other designer glasses I own, and trust me, I own a lot! As mentioned above, they are made in the US and the joint are covered by a lifetime warranty. 

So why do I love these aviators for fall? I think the 23K gold plating goes perfectly with many fall colors. Below, I've paired them with a fall essential, a navy cashmere cable knit sweater:

I love the gold next to the navy. They would even look great with my military shirt inspired look. The gold would look great next to dark maroons, olives, and browns-all fall essentials. You can purchase the newly released Randolph Aviator II's on their website.

Note: This post was made possible by Randolph Engineer. All opinions expressed are my own.


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