Sunday, September 15, 2013

Maison Martin Margiela and Converse Collaborate

Converse have made a huge comeback in the fashion world. I spot them all over the streets of New York, with people pairing them quite creatively with different types of outfits. 
Maison Martin Margiela has teamed up with Converse to bring his boundary pushing aesthetic to the brand. 

"The Maison has always been obsessed with white; it is used as a layer to give an incognito feeling. A sort of poetry, with the passage of time, the shoe asserts itself," says Maison Martin Margiela. 

Margiela brings an element of time to his design. The shoe is actually covered in a coat of white paint from top to bottom that, with the passage of time, wears off to reveal the true color of the shoe. The sneakers are limited edition and retail for $200.

The team at Unlimited Magazine, known for their digital content, created an interactive feature to experience what the shoes will be like, asking readers to "Scratch" off the paint. 
It is quite cool and I recommend checking it out:

The style will be available in red, black, navy, and an Margiela-exclusive vintage yellow.


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