Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Daniel Wellington: A Watch That Changes With the Season

Yesterday, I wrote about outfits as we begin to transition into fall, and looking for those perfect pieces that help us to do so. Clothes do not have to be the only thing that change from season to season. As a lover of timepieces, I loved the collection presented by Daniel Wellington watches with their versatility to change out straps and alter the look of the watch from season to season. 

Daniel Wellington is becoming a very popular Swedish watch brand. I personally love the minimalist, refined aesthetic of the timepieces. The faces of pieces really have a simple, classic appeal reminiscent of a timepiece from your father's collection. Not to mention, for me, the colored nylon straps have a very preppy feel. I can seem the paired perfectly with plaid and flannel button downs as we move into fall and then winter. 

The nato straps that are so important to the watches actually originate from the British navy. Divers would utilize strong nylon straps over their wetsuits to avoid rust. Today, they offer high versatility. Watches are available in either 40mm or 36mm case diameters so both men and women can get in on the fun of changing out their timepiece. 

For fall, I love the idea of a classic navy based strap that would pair great next to rich, brown sweaters and cardigans. A red strap may be the perfect compliment as we move towards the holidays. What are your thoughts- do you change out your accessories with the seasons as well?

Photos: The Barbarian Agency


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