Monday, February 10, 2014

5 Random Monday Thoughts

We are off to another snowy, cold week in the northeast. This winter has been downright brutal with storms nearly every 3 days....cannot stop thinking about summer on the horizon!

  • Its officially fashion week here in New York. Have you been following the shows? I went to the Antonio Azzuolo presentation, and have a few other things planned before the week ends. 
  • Valentine's Day is Friday...not prepared! I am never big into holidays like this, but feel like I should do something this year. Will share gift ideas later in the week!
  • Have you been following the Olympics? I loved the opening ceremony outfits from France...well done Lacoste!
  • Following @LTPreppyGlasses on Twitter to stay up to date with posts on the blog and other musings!
  • How many more days until spring?!?!
It is going to be quite a long week ahead, but

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