Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Maison Kitsuné Japanese Denim

Denim has always been one of those items that I have difficulty shopping for, whether it is the perfect fit or perfect style. That being said, having an array of denim options is important for me, and when I find a good pair I usually snatch them up. 

French label Maison Kitsuné has a line of premium denim made from high quality Japanese denim. Japanese denim is often regarded as the best in the industry and a favorite among jean connoisseurs. The most appealing factor of the Kitsuné denim is its "fit once worn" which is a result of the balance between weight and weave. 

Of course the brand infuses extra details with its attention to craftsmanship. Men's jeans feature a tri-color tag and red and blue selvage inside, a reminder of the brand's French heritage. When I am on the next hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, I will definitely be keeping Maison Kitsuné top of mind. 

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