Monday, February 3, 2014

5 Random Monday Thoughts

Hello, February! Glad to see that January quickly departed us, meaning one less month between now and spring/summer!

  • While January may be gone, this Monday is starting off with yet another snow storm in here in the northeast....this is getting crazy!
  • Join Skimbaco Lifestyle and Red Envelope's #50ShadesofRed Twitter party tomorrow night at 8pm EST...I will be co-hosting! Follow @LTPreppyGlasses. Lots of amazing prizes! 
  • Speaking of Valentine's Day...what do you normally do? 
  • Sales- There are still a lot of great winter sales going on including Ralph Lauren- up to 70% off! Sizes are really picked through, but worth checking out.
  • Looking for spa recommendations in NYC...which has been your favorite? 

Happy Monday!

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