Wednesday, February 5, 2014

City Brunch Spot: Sarabeth's

Us New Yorkers take brunch, or "brunching" very seriously. For many, it is a verb and something that you a bound to be doing on either a Saturday or Sunday morning...especially after a long night out. As you can imagine, there are a myriad of places throughout the city that offer great brunches, unique in there own way. 

The spot I keep going back to, however, is Sarabeth's. They have 5 locations throughout the city, but I am partial to the TriBeCa location myself. Sarabeth's is my favorite because it reminds me of more of a traditional Sunday brunch as you would think of- an older crowd, well dressed, and relaxed. The restaurants definitely play host to a certain crowd. It makes for the perfect way to pass a late weekend morning. 

Sarabeth's is known for the preserves and jams, and their brunch menu is contains classics such as eggs Benedict, amazing waffles and pancakes, and omelets. My favorite part about the brunch menu is the drinks! Probably the best bloody mary I have had in the city thus far- it does not hurt that it comes in a giant goblet! They also offer a few variations on the typical mimosa that are quite interesting and tasty.

The next time you are looking for a new brunch spot, try Sarabeth's when in the city. Their website  is also home to an array of products available for ordering as well as recipes for those that cannot make it to the city.


  1. beautiful my dear!!!!! wow!!:)

  2. I love Sarabeth's! I used to go to the one next to Central Park all the time!

  3. that porridge with fruit looks delicious!


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