Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Classic Cocktail: The Cosmo

The old classic, the Cosmo, has become one of my go-to cocktails. With prices of drinks ranging from $12-$18 here in New York, the Cosmo is an easy way to enjoy cocktails at home with friends without a $100 bar tab. Not to mention its super easy to make. 

This is to make a traditional cosmo, with Cranberry juice. There are a lot of great variations that I have had such as white peach, orange cranberry, etc. Here, I am sticking to the classic. As with any cocktail, the amounts are open to interpretation ;)

The Cosmo:
-3 oz (2 shots) vodka
-1.5 oz triple sec
-3 squirts lime juice (to taste) I swear by the "Nellie & Joe's" brand.
-Fill remainder of shaker with 100% Cranberry Juice

Simply combine everything in a cocktail shaker with a few ice cubes, shake, and pour.
Tip: place your glasses in the freezer before so they have a nice frost on them when serving!


With its red/pink hue this would also be a perfect, easy cocktail to serve for a Valentine's Day night in!

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