Monday, November 4, 2013

The Sweater Jacket

Now that the clocks have been turned and it is dark by 5pm it is really feeling like fall, and dare I say winter. There is a strong chill in the air in New York, but its not quite time to dig out the down parkas. This weather is perfect for what I like to call sweater jackets- those sweaters that are very chunky and heavy enough to be worn as outerwear. This style of sweater has become a bit of a trend, and I think that they can make for some great outfits.

Below, I have created a very New York look in all black, reminiscent of this tonal outfit I wore a few weeks ago. I paired a heavy wool Ralph Lauren Black Label sweater that has a belt similar to a trench with black skinny cargo pants and a simple black v-neck.

The sweater jacket is very versatile, and when the temperatures are still not absolutely freezing, it transitions well from the street to the office (which is always freezing!). The sweater I am wearing has a bit of the "moto" edge to it with the multiple pockets on the front, making it perfect for Fall 2013. As always, the details of a sweater really make the sweater in my opinion. 

Sweater: Ralph Lauren Black Label
Cargo Pants: Ralph Lauren Black Label
Shoes: Louis Vuitton

Do you embrace the sweater jacket style? Share how you style yours below.


  1. chic and practical. I love it. Great find, love. If you get a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest interview. :) xo

  2. nice!


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