Friday, November 1, 2013

Philip Stein Launches New Watches For Women

We all know that I love a good timepiece. This time, the focus is on watches for women from the innovative brand Philip Stein. The lifestyle brand which incorporates wellbeing technology into their timepieces is launching a new holiday collection with pieces starting at $575 in both single and dual timezone models. 

Updates include the signature logo in the number 8 position on the dial and hints of rose gold throughout. The Signature and Prestige lines will be showcased with diamond accented dials and come with colorful straps in both leather and alligator. The Prestige will feature a white or black strap while the Signature collection introduces purples and greys.

The model above features the signature dual zone time displays, a trait for which Philip Stein is known. Rose gold accents throughout compliment the metallic white ostrich strap.

I love the color of the new purple being introduced. This model also features 52 diamonds around the bezel for a total weight of .78ctw completed with the Italian leather strap.

As always, both models include the revolutionary Natural Frequency Technology. This technology, similar to an antenna, channels natural frequencies towards the body for healthy living. 

I think these new models would make perfect gifts for the lady that loves watches as we (yes, already) approach the holiday season.  

Photos: Rubenstein PR


  1. Oh I like the two time zones. If only I were fabulous enough to require the time in two time zones lol!


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