Monday, November 11, 2013

Classic Northeast Prep

There are some things that remind me of quintessential northeast prep- Ivy League quads, the Radnor Hunt, the Main Line, to name a few. There are also certain outfits that I envision one wearing at any of the above places. For me, the Barbour jacket and cashmere cable sweater are among those items. 

On a chilly day last week, I put on a cashmere cable knit sweater and a classic Barbour jacket and thought to myself, "I am so northeast prep right now." The pieces are effortless yet exude a classic, timeless sense of style. 

Is your Barbour jacket and cashmere a go-to to compete warm during the cold fall season in the Northeast?

Jacket: Barbour
Sweater: Ralph Lauren


  1. love the combination, the cableknit is just amazing

  2. Love the sweater and jacket together, adorable!



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