Thursday, November 14, 2013

Milan Memories

Instagram Travel Thursday at Skimbaco Lifestyle prompted me to start thinking about memories from my end of summer vacation across Europe. I recently saw someone post a photo from the La Bar Rinascente in Milan, and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed the Italian city while visiting. 

This week for Instagram Travel Thursday, I am having memories of Milan. It was filled with gelato, amazing architecture, picturesque beauty, and of course, amazing shopping and fashion. 

Have you visited Milan Before?

I would love to return to the city during men's fashion week or in the winter. I heard it is a lot busier than the time in August when I visited. Most Europeans go to the coast during this time, but return to the city with the start of fall. 

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  1. I loved Milan - the shopping, vibrant street life, good food and wine - everything! It's been nearly ten years though since I last visited there, so maybe it's time to revisit to see if Milan still lives up to my expectations....

  2. We haven't adventured much in Milan, but I really want to go after seeing all your pictures!!

  3. Beautiful photos! I missed an opportunity to visit Milan when we had friends living there for several years. Definitely have to go some day!

  4. Love, Love Love your photos, Wes. You've had some great adventures.

  5. I have to admit, I've been to the airports of Milan NUMEROUS times, but never to the actual city... Clearly something I need to fix and soon!


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