Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TRIM Collaboration Opens in Philadelphia

I am always intrigued by creativity when it comes to business, and T.R.I.M., a new joint venture in Philadelphia is no exception. T.R.I.M. is a collaboration between Henry A. Davidsen custom tailors and image consultants and 2B Groomed Barbering Studios. The new studio is located in Henry A. Davidsen showroom in the beautiful Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of the city. 

T.R.I.M is truly unique and makes a one stop location for men. Shaves and hair services will range from signature to deluxe to premium, with each level of service including the classics such as hot and cold towels and lavish products. As with anything Henry Davidsen does, each service is luxurious and completely customizable. The studio also features a full bar service...what more could you ask for??

I think Brian Lipstein, President of Henry Davidsen, really gets it when he said: "Professional image is largely about behavior, communication, and dress; however, all of that means nothing if you look sloppy and unkempt."

T.R.I.M. is now open and services can be booked online at their website. Shaves start at around $35 ($35-$65) and haircuts are $30 and up ($30-$45). As a Philadelphia metro area native, its definitely exciting to see new ventures like this popping up!

Photos: Neff Associates


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