Monday, October 28, 2013

5 Random Monday Thoughts

I have been focusing a lot of fashion during the month of October, and realized I have not just posted some random thoughts in a while. A nice change as we slowly say goodbye to October. 
  • It is hard to believe it is almost Halloween and November. Fall is going fairly quickly- seems like the weather just started allowing me to wear sweaters and Barbours.
  • Even if people fragment around me, I realized I will always stay true to who I am.
  • Oddly enough, I have not shopped at J.Crew in a while, however, I am loving all the newest arrivals. Especially all the suede elbow patches like this sweater.
  • I might be traveling to Paris in March. Has anyone been during this time...what weather could be expected?
  • Sometimes life has those ruts, and I think I may be in one currently. I have been focusing a lot on trying to put everything "into perspective" for a sense of clarity. 

And because it is a Monday:

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