Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Seasonal Plaid featuring UNTUCKit

The fall and winter seasons are the perfect times to wear plaid button downs and flannels. Plaid pairs well with many fall color palettes and is the perfect weekend go-to for casual looks. I was recently exposed to a very interesting menswear brand specializing in button downs, UNTUCKit.

Why is the brand so innovative? UNTUCKit is all about being able to enjoy the comfort and style of a button down, untucked! They have incorporated a number of design changes while utilizing a unique sizing chart to ensure that based on your weight and size, the shirt will always be the perfect length untucked, hitting at the middle of the fly.

The shorts are manufactured from 100% in the US and range in price from roughly $79-$105. The Fall/Winter 2013 collection introduced "slim" fit styles- a great addition in my opinion! I paired a seasonal red plaid with dark olive jeans for a great weekend casual outfit throughout the fall and winter seasons:

The shirts are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Of course, I couldn't not try pairing the UNTUCKit shirt under a cableknit sweater! Since they are meant to be worn untucked, they are also a great compliment under sweaters for those that style with the shirt tails out:

I recommend giving this up and coming menswear brand a try. I do not think you will be disappointed! You can order online and shop the collection at their website:

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