Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tartan For the Holidays

Tartan, the classic plaid fabric we all know- usually done in green/red or a red/white combination. There's no better time to wear tartan than at the holidays. Wool pants, wool skirts, ties, bags...maybe even a flask. I think the pattern screams classic, preppy, and sophisticated which is evident in Ralph Lauren's mastery at incorporating it into his holiday collection each year.

Pair it with a sweater, match your date, and maybe even pair it with an ugly holiday sweater for those infamous parties....you cant go wrong.


  1. LOVE tartan this time of year. I'm donning mine in a photo in tomorrow's post.

  2. Agreed! I love that pic of Chuck and Blair!

  3. Not a fan of Tartan but love me some Blair!!!!

  4. only they could make tartan look so high fashion! gorgeous pic!


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