Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crazy December

December is always a crazy month to begin with: all the holidays, traveling to see family, holiday shopping, trying not to gain 10 pounds. And for those of us in college, its the end of the semester and that also means finals.

This December is just a little more crazy because the weather has just been so awful! Im all about warm, nice weather, but when Im used to it being cold in December, I want it to be cold. Right now its 61 degrees and raining here in New York...on December 6th. Not normal!! Tomorrow its supposed to be a little cooler, and then by Thursday there is a slight chance for snow.

What's the point of all this? It never fails that when the weather fluctuates like this, I get sick. And here I am, all congested and with a slight sore throat. I dont have time to be sick right now. Here's to a day in the library armed with my "Cold Warrior" from Juice Generation.

December, cant you be just a little more normal??


  1. Wait, did you say 61 is warm? lol

    It's been in the high 60s here and we are all dying hahaha!

  2. Feel better soon!! Load up on Vitamins C & D. LOTS of C and drink tons of water. It will shorten the length of the yucks.
    Good luck on finals! I'll be thinking of you during all the crazy!


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