Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New York Holiday Windows

Its a tradition to stroll 5th avenue each year and look at the holiday windows that all the stores put up. Bergdorf Goodman never ceases to amaze with their over the top displays. However, the Cartier package just might be my favorite every year.



  1. These are great photos!! There really is no city that does Christmas window displays like NYC! Ok .. maybe Paris... but NYC is much closer and budget friendly to visit!! Happy Semi-wordless day , HHL

  2. Stunning! That is really all I can say about those windows, simply stunning!

  3. the fifth one is really nice <3

  4. Such beautiful windows! On my bucket list is to go to NY for New Years Eve, and I think that would also be the perfect time to check out these gorgeous windows!

    XO Lucy

  5. Wonderful!
    Love your city so much.
    This year it was my 4th visit there and I was able to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. Was great.
    Greetings from germany


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