Friday, March 13, 2015

Lacoste for J.Crew

The iconic French brand, Lacoste, has teamed up with J.Crew for a collaboration on a new line of polos. Lacoste, started from inspiration on the tennis court, has become a staple in any preppy wardrobe. Whether you grew up wearing them on the tennis court or to school, the little alligator has become an unmistakable icon around the world. 

I think this is a great collaboration between two brands that are definitely staples in my daily wardrobe. For the partnership, J.Crew recreated the famous alligator logo to include "lacoste" in script and tonal alligators that match back to the colors of the polos.

Currently, the line is offered in three traditional colors: red, navy, and white. I opted to go with the navy as I truly believe you can never have too many navy polos...they simply go with everything and are a true classic. Overall, J.Crew has drawn on the long heritage of Lacoste to offer a lineup for men, women, and children that a truly iconic, classic pieces that can be worn for decades. 

Browse the Lacoste x J.Crew Collaboration online.


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