Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Suitsupply Launches Spring Summer '16 Toyboy Campaign

For me, Suitsupply ad campaigns are quite recognizable. They usually feature vibrant color combinations, and, of course, the dapper men in their awesome suits and sartorial looks. This season, Suitsupply has launched its SS '16 campaign which turns up the dial evermore for the attention grabbing aspect. 

Female models dressed in swimsuits with men all over them? I think the suits are already sold! The concept of this season's campaign is "Tomboys." It is based on the premise that, from a man's perspective, we live a in a world of beautiful, powerful, women that know what they want and are extremely what are we to do? Sit back and have some fun!

In the words of the brand, they say: 

"So what's a guy to do? You're a modern gentleman, but the tables have turned. You have a certain way with the ladies...that is, until they have their way with you. You're a playboy, but what happens when the playboy becomes the plaything? 

Well, the water's warm, the women are beautiful, and the sky is drenched by the sun. And most importantly of all, you've got your best suit of armor on your back. Suddenly, it's obvious. There's nothing else to do. Simply sit back, and enjoy the ride."

I think the campaign is making a very strong, bold statement. It will be interesting to see the feedback and responses to the ads is they begin to circulate around the internet and social media world. I personally find it to be quite artistic, and thought the behind the scenes video gave some interesting insight into how the photos were developed.

Tropical beaches, bright colors, and beautiful suits....I think I like it! Here are some of the images from the new campaign.

What do you think?

Images, Video: Suitsupply


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