Monday, March 21, 2016

Bar Cart Idea for your Apartment

A bar cart is a great addition to any apartment or space, becoming the go-to after work or the hotspot during a party. When it comes to a bar cart, look for something that matches the style or aesthetic of your space and has enough functionality to meet your bartending needs. If you are in an apartment, space is probably at a premium. What I like most about this bar cart is its tiny footprint yet big impact in terms of storage space.

If you are looking for a low-cost bar cart option that is very DIY, check out the Ikea Raskog Utility Cart. At $29.99, it is very affordable and the metal construction makes it sturdy enough to hold all your glassware. I liked the Raskog cart as it has a modern feel that matched the aesthetic of my space.  Additionally, the rolling wheels make it easy to move around during any events you may be hosting. 

Bar Cart Essentials:
-Your favorite libations: store them on the top shelf and arrange for an artful look
-Bar Tools: I recommend getting a strainer and jigger at you are prepped for any cocktail recipe!
-Cocktail shaker
-Ice Bucket

I store my glassware on the lower shelves along with any miscellaneous items that I might use less frequently. Add fun towels to the cart that compliment your kitchen or space. Do you have a bar cart in your space? I would love to hear what you keep on yours in the comments below!

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