Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Fever

Spring Fever is officially beginning to set in. With longer days, the clock change around the corner, and this week of warmer weather, I cannot help but daydream of sun, green trees, and summer a few months away.

It has certainly been a mild winter, so while I cannot complain in that regards, I am ready to ditch the wool sweaters and heavy coats in exchange for light jackets and cotton sweaters....and certainly brighter colors!

Depending on where you are located, spring is definitely about layering- a jacket is necessary in the morning but by the time the afternoon sun rolls around you are rolling up your sleeves...especially as we get into the later months of the season. I used the warmer weather here as an excuse to break out some brighter colors and lighten the mood around town.

It is certainly not time for linen or thin cotton fabrics, yet. With that in mind, I pulled a sport shirt that is crafted from a cotton/cashmere blend so it soft to the skin yet slightly heavier than traditional cotton. I paired it with go-to chinos. Note the use of cream instead of stark white...are you an avid believer in the no white before memorial day rule?

The center of this outfit was my Stubbs &  Wootton slippers. They make quite the statement and are such a classic style from the Palm Beach brand. I finished the look with a bracelet to tie back into the red of the shoes, a preppy belt, and simple aviators.

Shirt: Ralph Lauren Purple Label // Chinos: Jack Wills // Belt: Jack Spade // Bracelet: Miansai // Shoes: Stubbs & Wootton


  1. Love the shoes! Happy Spring! I was so pumped to wear a dress and no tights today. :)


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