Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Brunch

In my opinion, spring is one of the best seasons to be outside- it is not too hot and, if early enough, you can avoid all the pollen and allergies associated with it! Brunch is one of my favorite activities (New Yorkers like to pride themselves on brunch being a verb). While going to a favorite brunch spot is always great, it can get very expensive very quickly. 

The weather was perfect this past Sunday which prompted an outdoor spring brunch. Instead of running out to a restaurant, it was hosted at home. Having a brunch at home does not mean you have to forgo the great outfits and good food. Invite your friends over and have some fun! I was reminded how much money one can save by eating at home after this brunch, and there was definitely not a shortage of food.

Plan a menu that is easy and does not take much time so you can enjoy time with your friends. Our menu consisted of omelets filled with arugula, tomato, and goat cheese with a small arugula salad and fresh toast. Very quick and simple. Additionally, we did hummus and pita chips, and of course, there seemed to be an endless amount of mimosas. Because what is brunch without mimosas?

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